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What are Coffee Kits?

If you’re struggling to find a coffee that works for you, coffee gift sets could be the answer. You can get these gifts for coffee lovers such as yourself and see which ones you like. If you’re ready to commit, get a bag of the one you like!

As you can probably expect, coffee kits make excellent gifts for other coffee lovers too. If you liked them, chances are they’ll love them! Why is that, though? Well, coffee gifts provide insight about you and your tastes. Maybe you like a dark roast, maybe a light roast - fellow coffee lovers can tell a lot about a person from their brew preferences. With that, they’ll get to learn about you a bit more and probably share their favourite coffee beans with you as well.

Now, the coffee gift cycle begins. And what fun! At Portfolio Cofee, we not only have coffee tasting sampling gift packs, but we’ve also got a handful of drip bag coffee kits you can choose from. If you’re getting a sampling kit, you can customize the grind of your coffee! Get the whole coffee beans, get a pour-over grind, and espresso grind… you get the gist. Now let’s get brewing!

What are the Best-Selling Coffee Kits?

Mug? Check. Hot water? Check. As for coffee, check out these best-selling coffee kits!

Drip Bag Coffee: Equilibrio Rescue Pack

Once brewed, this coffee delivers notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and cashew as well as a light floral finish. Well-balanced flavours are what this dark roast coffee blend brings to the table.

Drip Bag Coffee: Fazenda Eldorado Rescue Pack

Fazenda Eldorado Rescue Pack contains single-origin, medium roast coffee. It has a low to medium acidity range and delivers cocoa and clean citrus notes, think oranges.

Drip Bag Coffee: Inga Aponte Rescue Pack

The Inga Aponte is a Colombian dark roast coffee. This single-origin coffee provides a full-bodied, low acidic taste. Taste plum and sugar cane notes with a cocoa finish.

What’s so special about these coffee kits? Well, they contain drip bags of coffee! That means convenient drip coffee without the need for a filter or a dripper. You’re all squared away! The bags are also single-use. So, no more complicated clean-ups. Just throw it away. We think this is leaps and bounds better than instant coffee.

Benefits Of Purchasing Kits

Coffee kits allow you to try a lot of different coffees but in very little quantities. By that, we mean that you won’t be stuck with a whole bag of coffee that you may not like. Once your tastebuds have told you which brew to get, then that’s the time you can get more!

If you get any of the drip bag rescue packs, they’re even way more convenient. No more dealing with the mess of making a traditional cup of coffee. Think of it as better-than-instant coffee sachets. Just grab a drip bag sachet, nestle it on the rim of your mug, add hot water and wait for a delicious coffee to drip from the bag!

You can also gift this same convenience to your friends, family, and other loved ones. We don’t mind a little word-of-mouth and love it when you bring your buds over to our humble site! Trust us, we’ll sort all their coffee needs and more.

What’s in the Sampling Gift Packs?

As far as coffee gift recommendations go, this one is a top pick! Our Coffee tasting sampling gift pack has a little bit of everything! You’ll enjoy light roast, medium roast, and dark roast coffee from different parts of the world. Below we’ve included the coffee you’ll find in the sampling gift pack:

  • Fazenda Eldorado: A medium roast, single-origin coffee from Brazil.
  • Inga Aponte: A traditional dark roast Colombian coffee.
  • Fazenda Cachoeira: A single-origin, Brazilian coffee. Medium roast.
  • Fazenda Santa Monica: A Brazilian, single-origin, light roast coffee.

So, four bags of coffee at about 100 grams (3.5oz) apiece! You can make 5 to 7 cups of coffee in each bag. While you’re enjoying each one, you can reference this coffee flavour wheel to better help you describe and get to know each brew!


Is coffee a good housewarming gift?

We think so! What could be better than a coffee gift set? Flavours from around the world that you can enjoy in a mug? That sounds awesome!

Plus coffee kits make great gifts for folk who don’t consider themselves coffee connoisseurs. They’re not simply gifts for coffee lovers! This gesture shows your pals that you’ve got their back (it can be intimidating going into stores and asking questions!)

Which is the best instant coffee?

Our best not-so-instant instant coffee solutions come in the form of drip bags! You see, instant coffee is usually a blend of pre-brewed coffee that’s been dehydrated. Sometimes, they’ll be packed with creamer and sugar right out the gate.

Freshly-brewed coffee tastes so much better than instant coffee. Trust us, they don’t take too long to make - especially when they’re pre-measured into little drip bag sachets.

Check out our Equilibrio Rescue Pack or Eldorado Rescue Pack. You won’t be sorry you did!

Is ground coffee the same as instant coffee?

Not really, no. Reflecting on our earlier statement, instant coffee is just dehydrated coffee that’s already been brewed. Ground coffee is just the coffee itself! Plus, there are many kinds of coffee grinds. You can get coarsely ground coffee or thoroughly ground ones. This will depend on your needs and, most importantly, your coffee maker!

Now that we think about it, we’ve got this helpful little read about coffee grinds. Take a look to learn more.

How do you make a coffee gift basket?

First, you need to select and buy coffee! If you’re unsure where to start, this coffee buying guide might help out. If you’ve already figured that out, then it’s time to get the tools of the trade.

On top of the coffee, the coffee gift box is ideal as it has the items you’d need to make a brew. French press, Chemex, Aeropress… A generous coffee gift set will have them covered!

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