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The name is pretty straightforward, but there can still be a little bit of confusion about it! Single origin coffees do come from the same country. However, these beans can come from single OR multiple farms. Single origin coffee can consist of blended beans from all around a single country! If you want them sourced from one farm, then you’re looking at a type of single origin coffee called estate coffee.

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Colombian single origin beans will always consist of Colombian coffee. The same with Brazilian, Nicaraguan… you get the picture. Single origin espresso or regular coffee can produce robust flavours. The bold flavour is loved by many. So you’ll easily find them as you would blended coffee. 

Did you know that you can get the best single origin coffee (or any coffee for that matter) in a single origin? - By that we mean here at Portfolio Coffee! We’ve got all kinds of single origin coffee beans available in different types of roast. Check them out!

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