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How are medium roast coffee beans differ from the others? When comparing it to light roasts, medium ones most notably lose a bit of their floral notes. It’s been roasted longer, after all. This also means that medium roast coffees may also have that extra bit of “roasted” taste. 

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Compared to the darker roasts, medium roast coffee beans also don’t have that big bold flavours. But, they do retain some of the acidity that darker beans often lose, being roasted for the longest time.

Simply put, light roasts are known for their acidity and brightness and dark roasts are sought after for their richness and aroma. Think of medium roast coffees as the goldilocks among them! Here in this collection, we’ve got single-origin beans and blends made using medium to medium-light roasts.

Medium roast coffee in a Chemex, pour over, French press, espresso grid? We can make that for you! What’s more, we’ll even deliver it. We know coffee is essential - that’s why we want to make it as easy for you to get as possible.

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