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1. Coffee sourcing

At Portfolio, we visit amazing farms and we directly source our harvests from quality-driven producers and roast them in downtown Toronto.

This direct trade approach allows us to keep a line of sight on preparing these specialty coffees from harvest, to roast, to you.

The highest quality coffees in the world are known as Specialty Coffees and their flavour and depth of character distinguish them from lower grade Commodity Coffees in larger grocery stores and coffee shop chains.  

2. Fresh roasted

With coffee beans, freshness matters. We roast to order and provides your roast date on eco-friendly bags. Smelling and tasting great coffees is the experience we want to share with you.

Supplying you with a sensory experience is what we strive for when you open a bag of Portfolio coffee. Our coffee roasters look to support the inherent flavour profile of a given harvest.

The goal at Portfolio is to let the coffee take the lead and help its complexity and nuances flourish; soil integrity, farm elevation and microclimate inform the coffees we roast and deliver to you.

3. No grinder no problem

Coffees depreciate slowly over time with exposure to light and oxygen.

For a fuller, longer peaking flavour, we recommend buying whole coffee beans and grinding them right before making your favourite coffee.

Wherever you are on your coffee journey, Portfolio helps you get great beans. If you don’t have a grinder yet, we’ve got you covered. Through Portfolio’s site, let us know and we will grind to your preferred brew method.

We offer both whole beans and ground coffee using best-in-class grinders. Available in 5lbs and 12oz bags, we can deliver your coffee ground to your preferred brewing method so that you can enjoy your favourite coffee at its best. 

Great work deserves great coffee

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