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Tasting notes

No matter what kind you get…medium, light, or the strongest dark roast coffee will generally have the same amount of caffeine (apart from dark roast decaf coffee, of course)! Having a stronger flavour is no indication of the caffeine level. So, the flavour, the body, and the aroma are really where it’s at… And it’s really something you should experience! Read More

Inga Aponte single origin Colombian coffee

Dark roast

Cocoa Finish + Plum + Sugar Cane

From $19.50

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BESTSELLER Fazenda Sucuri single origin Brazilian coffee

Fazenda Sucuri single origin Brazilian coffee

Dark roast


From $18.50

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Swiss water decaf Colombian coffee

Dark roast

Chocolate + Sweet Cream + Pecan

From $20.00

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Dark roast coffee is often the most aromatic of the bunch. It also has a nice roasted flavour that comes from, well, being roasted for the longest amount of time. You’ll also find that dark roast coffee has a full body. It does have rich and bold flavours as well.

As we mentioned, the best way to experience dark roast coffee (or any coffee) is to try some yourself. Getting dark roast coffee beans and a couple of light and medium roasts will allow you to truly understand their differences and what makes each one great!

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