How to make single-serve drip bag coffee - Brew Guide

What is single-serve drip bag coffee?

Each drip bag coffee brews a 200ml-240ml cup (7oz-8oz). These are an excellent choice for outdoor days such as hiking, camping, or cycling. Easy to make and with no clean up!

What You’ll Need

Portfolio single serve drip bag coffee

Hot Water

Drinking cup or container

How to brew single serve drip bag coffee

Brew Time
8-10 minutes

Step 1:
Bring water to boil and let cool

Step 2:
Water should be between 195–205F.

Step 3:
Open pouch and anchor the coffee bag in cup

Step 4:
Slowly pour 8 oz of hot water over top

Step 5:
Be sure to fully saturate the coffee bag.

Step 6:
Do not steep the coffee bag more than once.

Step 7:
Remove bag and enjoy!

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