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How to make Aeropress coffee - Brew Guide

What is Aeropress coffee?

The Aeropress is a piston-style brewer that forces coffee through a thin paper filter directly into a cup. A rapid brewing process extracts the most flavour from your beans, giving you more rich, pure-tasting coffee with no grit, no bitterness, and less acidity. It brews just a single serving of coffee at a time, but its size and durability make it a favourite coffee device among travellers and campers.

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How to brew Aeropress coffee

Brew Time
8-10 minutes

Step 1:
Weigh 200 grams water, bring to a boil and let cool

Step 2:
Weigh 18 grams coffee

Step 3:
Grind coffee medium-fine (roughly the size of granulated table salt)

Step 4: Add grounds to AeroPress and level the coffee bed
We recommend brewing "inverted" with the plunger on the bottom.

Step 5:
Begin brewing

Step 6: Start the timer and add 100 grams hot water
Enough to wet all the grounds and fill the AeroPress about halfway. Stir a few times to saturate all grounds and ensure even brewing–this helps to release CO2 gas. Add the remaining 100 grams water, pouring evenly to the top.

Step 7:
At 1:45, stir a few more times, then secure the filter and cap to the AeroPress

Step 8: At 2 minutes, flip onto cup or carafe and press down slowly
Stop pressing when you hear a hissing sound. Total brew time should be around 2.5 minutes.

Step 9:
Serve and enjoy!

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