Introduction to Coffee

Hop aboard the coffee train and enter the brew-tiful world of Portfolio Coffee! We are a one-stop coffee shop online that welcomes all coffee lovers. Whether budding brew-ticians or coffee connoisseurs, you’ll find that this is the best place to buy coffee online.

What is coffee anyway? This wonderful, dark-coloured, bitter drink is one of the most consumed beverages in the world! It is often enjoyed and sought after for its caffeine content. Other people simply like the taste of coffee, which is why decaf coffee was invented.

Though coffee started out being served as a hot beverage, it’s now enjoyed over iced and even ice-blended (hello, frappe fans!). Plus, there are many ways to make a cup of joe now. So sit back, relax and let’s find out more about this delectable drink!

The Types of Coffee Available

Today there are hundreds of coffee species and varieties. That may sound overwhelming, but you’ll be glad to know that you’ll likely encounter two in particular. Arabica and Robusta beans are the most popular coffees out there. Why? They just appeal to the taste of more people, and they’re hardier than the rest (robusta = robust for a reason).

Liberica and Excelsa beans are also worth mentioning. They are well-known but harder to come by.

You won’t really have to worry about where to buy coffee beans because there are lots of types of coffee online and around town (you’ll probably find a coffee shop on every corner of the street!) Hey, as long as there’s coffee, we’re happy.

What is Single-Origin Coffee?

You’ll be hearing this a lot when you talk brew with people. What even is single-origin coffee? We’d like to summarise single-origin coffee as coffee that comes from one source. That source could be a country’s region, a specific crop, a farm, or even a farmer. Single-origin coffee is an original tasting coffee – think pure flavour with nothing added to it.

That leads us to what the opposite of single-origin coffee is – blended coffee. Blended coffee is a mix of different coffees to make a specific tasting brew. Because blended coffee is a combination of different beans, you can get more of it as a supply. Your flavoured instant coffee will likely be blended coffee. Does that mean blended coffee isn’t good? Of course not. Check out this Equilibrio blend Brazilian Nicaraguan coffee!

In contrast, single-origin coffee production may be limited because of the seasonality of the beans. Once those beans are fully harvested and bagged. That’s it. You have to be patient for the next harvest!

Colombian coffee and Brazilian coffee can be classified as single-origin coffee. You just have to find out which region or farm they come from to discern the differences. Here are a couple of examples to best describe what we mean.

  • Inga Aponte Single Origin Colombian Coffee:
  • As the name suggests, this is Colombian coffee. It is only sourced from the Inga Aponte farm and has unique notes of plum, sugar cane and a cocoa finish.

  • Fazenda Eldorado Single Origin Brazilian Coffee:
  • This one, on the other hand, is from the Eldorado farm in Brazil. This bag of Brazilian coffee has notes of cherry, hazelnuts, and chocolate.

    How Much Caffeine Can I Have in a Day?

    This is the perfect time to talk about caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that helps us stay awake and alert. It could also help us worker bees perform tasks better. Caffeine stimulates different parts of our body, such as the central nervous system, the heart, and our muscles. Caffeine can also have an effect on blood pressure, but this can vary from person to person - based on your regular caffeine intake.

    Knowing all of this, an average adult is allowed about 400mg of caffeine per day. That’s the equivalent of four 240ml cups of brewed coffee, give or take. For the sake of comparison, that’s the equivalent to 2 cans of soda. In Canada, an average person actually drinks 2.7 cups of coffee. So, that’s within the threshold!

    Now that we know a little bit more about caffeine, let’s go over decaf coffee. Decaf coffee is short for decaffeinated coffee. Reflecting on what we said earlier, people like drinking coffee! Do they always want the caffeine that goes along with it? Sometimes not. When that happens, a good cup of decaf coffee is the answer. It tastes like regular coffee, but it won’t keep you up at night.

    What are The Benefits of Drinking Coffee?

    First and foremost, the main reason people drink single-origin coffee or flavoured instant coffee is that they need a boost of energy. Coffee is our unofficial official elixir of life and it just helps us go! Since we’ve already covered the caffeine side of coffee, we’ll now let you in on other benefits of drinking coffee.

    On the note of life elixirs, by drinking coffee every day you could potentially live longer. Regular coffee drinkers have a lower risk of death regardless of their age, weight, and alcohol consumption habits. Betcha that just makes you want to order coffee online right about now!

    While coffee is known to affect blood pressure at times, it’s also worth noting that drinking coffee every day could lead to better heart health. To be specific, that’s potentially a lower risk of heart disease, heart failure, and strokes.

    We’ve also already addressed the mental alertness that coffee provides. Did you know regular coffee drinking could help slow down the progression of Parkinson’s disease? It can also lower the risk of developing the disease.

    Recommended products

    Buy single-origin coffee online by clicking this link right here. We can help you get started with our favourite decaf coffees, blended coffees, and single-origin coffees.

    Fazenda Sucuri Single Origin Brazilian Coffee

    When you buy Brazilian coffee beans like this, you’re getting a dark roast that delivers a silky, dark chocolate taste. Enjoy iced or enjoy freshly brewed.

    Bombe Sidama Single Origin Ethiopia Coffee

    We love Colombian coffee and Brazilian coffee, but let’s take a step into Ethiopia! This makes a balanced and smooth brew. It’s also a cup of coffee that gives tea-like hints! Taste notes of black tea, lemon, and strawberries with this single-origin coffee.

    Swiss Water Decaf Colombian Coffee

    If the best decaf coffee in Canada is what you’re looking for, get this one! The Swiss Water process makes environmentally friendly and chemical-free decaf coffee that allows the coffee to keep its taste. Speaking of, you’re getting full-bodied coffee with notes of chocolate, sweet cream, and pecans!


    Is coffee good for your health?

    Buy roasted coffee beans wholesale and drink away because coffee is full of antioxidants and is a drink you can enjoy for its weight loss benefits. Coffee can also help you stay awake and alert!

    Can coffee make you fat?

    If we’re talking about coffee itself being the culprit for any weight gain, no! Coffee itself is unlikely to be the cause of your weight gain. The ingredients you add to your coffee ratio like creamers and milk might. Let’s not forget the sugars and syrups you might be adding to your daily cup!

    Is coffee good for weight loss?

    If pure and good brew is what you’re drinking, that could help you cut down on the water weight. The caffeine content in coffee can act as a mild diuretic, making you feel the need to urinate.

    Coffee also has properties that could help out in breaking down fats and sometimes can act as an appetite suppressant. All these make coffee a good aid in weight loss as long as it’s balanced with a good diet and exercise.

    How should I store coffee?

    Here at Portfolio Coffee, you can get your ground coffee the way you like. No matter how you get them, there’s one universal way you should keep your coffee - and that’s sealed in a cool and dark place free from moisture.

    Since we’re keeping it free from moisture, storing your coffee in the fridge or freezer is not ideal. If you’re interested in learning more about coffee storage, click here!

    How long does roasted coffee stay fresh?

    As long as you’ve followed the tips we mentioned above, your opened bags of roasted coffee grinds for up to a month. Coffee beans can last longer - about 3 to 5 months. Again, that’s if ideal storing conditions are met.

    However, coffee is actually shelf-stable. So, unopened bags will stay fresh for a long time.

    What is pre-blend and post-blend coffee?

    Pre-blend coffee is blending coffee before it’s roasted and post-blending coffee is blending coffee after each one has been individually roasted. There are benefits to the latter, as each coffee bean might have its unique roasting needs.

    Why even bother with blending? You can create your own coffee blend that’s absolutely tailored to your taste.

    Why are some beans oilier than others?

    Coffee beans that have been roasted for longer could appear oilier than others. So, light and medium roasts are less likely to appear oily. Be careful if you’re grinding your own beans at home, though! The oils might clog up your grinder.

    Sometimes, however, oily beans might indicate that your coffee beans are old. Light, medium, and dark roasted beans that have oily appearances mean that they have lost their natural flavours.

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