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How To Drink Black Coffee: A Guide For Those Who Love The Taste Of Coffee

Most people are used to drinking their coffee with milk and sugar. Stop at any major coffee chain store and the myriad of things you can choose to add to your coffee drink to make it more creamy and sweet is endless. On the flip side, lots of people really enjoy drinking black coffee. If you ever wondered if you might enjoy coffee without any additives, we'll help you with a few reasons to take the leap.

1. Black Specialty Coffee Tastes Really Good

black coffee

To really enjoy the taste of coffee it is important that you choose specialty coffee from a local coffee store. That's because specialty coffee is the highest quality coffee available and roasted properly both for freshness and flavour profile.

It's safe to say that drinking black coffee from a major coffee chain isn't going to offer you the best experience. Part of the reason their coffee is often served with milk and sweeteners is to take the edge off the coffee and reduce its bitterness since the beans used are often overly roasted to mask its lower quality.

Black specialty coffee isn’t harsh, to begin with, they’re sweet, bright, and dynamic in a way that milk can cover up. Think of it this way, mimosas and sangrias can be delicious, but if you were to enjoy the real taste of wine or champagne you'd likely not want to add anything to your glass. High-quality coffee works just the same.

2. Cut Down On Sugar Or Dairy Intake

Coffee drinks for major coffee chains can be a delicious treat, most of it due to sugars. For example, a study found that a Starbucks Venti (extra large) white chocolate mocha with whipped cream contains 73.8 grams of sugar (about 18 teaspoons). For comparison, a can of Coke has 33 grams of sugar.

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So if you're hoping to cut down on dairy and sugar intake, but don't want to give up the flavour of coffee, black specialty coffee is the way to go. If restricting the amount of caffeine you consume is also at play, opt for specialty decaf coffee. An excellent choice is Swiss water decaf coffee which is an innovative, environmentally friendly, 100% chemical-free way of removing caffeine from coffee beans while preserving the best of its taste.

3. Learning About Coffee Is Fun

When you start to drink about black coffee, you'll also find that it's a great opportunity to learn more about the different types of coffee beans and how they're roasted. For example, did you know that there are two main types of coffee beans? They are Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica coffee beans are considered superior, are grown at high altitudes, and offer a sweeter, more complex flavour. Robusta coffee beans are grown closer to the equator and have a higher caffeine content with a more harsh taste.

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Adding things to coffee makes different coffees taste more similar to each other. A few dashes of milk or cream to a cup of earthy Ethiopian coffee won't be the same as adding a bit of milk or cream to a tropical and citrusy fermented coffee such as Joia Rara, but the more dairy you add to your coffee, the more flat the tastes will be.

The best way to explore the tasting notes found on your coffee bags such as chocolate, jasmine, nuts, or red fruits is to not add dairy or sugar to your cup. And if you think it might be fun to develop your coffee drinking palate, it’ll be a little tough to do so without switching to black coffee.

How To Drink Black Coffee

Now that we've given you a few reasons why you should try black coffee, let's give you a quick guide on how to best enjoy it.

  • When choosing your coffee, make sure to select specialty grade beans from a local roaster for the best flavour profile.
  • Start by trying small doses of black coffee and gradually increase the amount you drink as desired. A good approach is to make 4 cups of coffee and from left to right, pour 2 ounces of milk (or your favourite non-dairy alternative), 1 ounce, .5 ounces, and nothing into the fourth. This will help you gradually experience the true taste of coffee.
  • Brew your coffee using filtered water at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit for the optimal extraction of flavours from the beans.
  • Use freshly ground beans - they should be ground right before brewing for maximum freshness if you have access to a burr grinder or bought ground specifically for your favourite brewing method.
  • Try different brewing methods to find what works best for you - there are many ways to make excellent black coffee including pour-over.

Drinking black coffee allows you to explore the various origins and flavor profiles of coffee beans. From the bold and robust to the delicate and nuanced, black coffee offers a world of possibilities for coffee connoisseurs. It's a pure and unadulterated way to experience the true essence of coffee.

So, if you're someone who enjoys the authentic taste of coffee, embrace black coffee and let your taste buds be captivated by its simplicity and depth. With Portfolio Coffee as your trusted source, you can embark on a black coffee journey like no other, discovering new flavors and experiencing the true art of coffee appreciation.

Choose Portfolio Coffee for your wholesale coffee needs and explore our coffee subscription options to ensure a steady supply of exceptional beans for your black coffee enjoyment.

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