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How to make automatic drip coffee - Brew Guide

What is drip coffee?

Auto-drip coffee is the coffee that you make in a homebrewer that automatically controls the brewing duration and the amount and temperature of the water. Automatic drip machines are convenient and require little control. Drip coffee is lighter in mouthfeel and highlights brighter flavors.

What You’ll Need

Auto Dripper

Filtered water

Digital scale (optional)

Recommended Coffees

How to brew auto drip coffee

Brew Time
8-10 minutes

Step 1: Fold ridge on paper filter and place in basket.
Pre-heat and rinse filter with hot water (discard waste water).

Step 2: Weigh out the desired amount of ground coffee.
We recommend 33g if you're brewing 500ml of coffee. Adjust coffee grounds quantity to desired brewed volume keeping the 1:15 ratio.

Step 3: Add coffee to brew basket
Gently shake the coffee bed level; position basket above urn.

Step 4:
Fill the water reservoir with 500ml of filtered or spring water.

Step 5: Press "Auto" button to begin brew cycle
After the coffee has finished dripping from the basket, turn the brewer off and serve. Brew times range depending on your machine.

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