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With crisp acidity and a mellow body, a light roast coffee is one of the four major roasts that you can get. Is light or dark roast coffee stronger in taste? Yes. Light roast coffee is more delicate, and dark roasts have a deeper and sometimes a more bitter taste. Read More

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Next in the dark roast vs light roast coffee discussion, you may be wondering if one has more caffeine than the other. Let’s get to that!

Does light roast coffee have more caffeine? Yes, but it’s oh-so subtly more. Being darker and having a richer taste, a lot of people actually think that dark roasts have more caffeine. But when you compare bean to bean, the difference isn’t that much. A lot of folks aren’t aware of that fun little fact! 

Light roast coffees have so much to offer. Having a bag of light roast coffee beans and adding them to your collection means you can make more kinds of brews at home!

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