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Portfolio coffees are typically roasted within a day of your order and no longer than 4 days in advance. We outline your custom roast date on the back of your bag. Your coffee is packaged in a fully biodegradable and compostable bag (with the exception of the tin tie).

Our coffees peak in flavour between 5-7 days of roasting and we recommend you enjoy your coffee within 4 weeks.

These, 1/2 lb and 1lb coffee options will begin to degrade perceptibly 20 days after your roast date. You can continue to safely drink this coffee beyond this time but if you intend to keep your coffee for a longer period of time, our 5lb bag (equipped with a 2-way valve to help control the release of Co2 from the coffee, and oxygen into the bag) could better suit your needs.

Portfolio Coffees are imported within 3 to 4 months of a given coffee harvest. We stock and roast these lots over a 5-7 month period of the specific mill date. Green beans are highly porous. They, therefore, absorb smells and retain moisture. Portfolio green coffees are contained in sealed, semi-permeable plastic recyclable green jute bags contained within burlap sacks. We keep these bags sealed on raised pallets away from direct sunlight in a dry environment

As the beans reach our importers in Toronto, they carry an average moisture level of 10% depending on the specific lot. Portfolio Coffee is stored in a temperature-controlled, humidity-stable warehouse allowing for ideal conditions no matter the time of year. This helps ensure that the freshest possible raw product is roasted and sent your way.

These beans are always roasted within one roast cycle of your order which generally means inside of 1 day of receiving your order to ensure that you can fully appreciate the depth of these coffees.

It’s ideal to store your coffee in a slightly cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight. This is particularly important If you’re wanting your bag of coffee to last longer than two weeks. A roasted bean only carries roughly 2% water moisture (10% for a green bean on average). Additional exposure to direct sunlight will dry out the beans, receding flavour and extinguishing aroma.

Portfolio coffees are typically roasted within a day of your order and no longer than 4 days in advance. We outline your custom roast date on the back of your bag. Your coffee is packaged in a semi-porous fully biodegradable and compostable bag and roasted within a day of your order. Your Coffee will de-gas (coffee words), and fully mature between 5 and 7 days from the roast date though you can still appreciate these coffees well past this point.

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Each Portfolio drip bag contains a single-use paper brewer filled with 15g of coffee. All you need is a mug or cup and hot water to brew an excellent cup of specialty coffee on the go and without the clean-up. They're ready in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Tear

Our drip bags are individually packed to preserve the coffee freshness to the max. Simply tear the paper brewer filter at the dotted line by hand.

Step 2: Anchor

Each bag has two flaps meant to be anchored to your mug or cup. They keep the filter in place and with enough surface to pour water.

Step 3: Pour

Use a kettle or a thermal bottle to pour hot water into the bag. It brews up to 8oz of coffee.

The best recipe for drip bag coffee

Drip bag coffee is perfect if you're on the go, without access to coffee equipment, or in a bit of a rush. To get the best out of your drip bag coffee we recommend a few tips:

1. Bring 200ml to 240ml of filtered water to 95oC. If it boils, wait for 2 min for it to cool down.
2. Pour enough water to wet the coffee grounds and wait for 20 seconds
3. Pour the remaining water slowly and steadily. If possible, pour it in a circular motion instead of aiming at the center of the bag.
4. We recommend brewing 240 grams or millilitres of coffee per bag. Go for 200 grams or millilitres if you prefer stronger coffees.


Yes! We offer local pick-up as a shipping option at checkout.

Once you place your order we'll start working on your coffee and send you a notification when it is ready for you to come to pick it up at our coffee shop.

We do not charge any fees for pick-up.

Find us at
163 Sterling Rd, unit 161 Toronto, ON
M6R 2B2

We are open from Monday to Friday, 10AM to 5PM. We are closed on holidays.

If you need any assistance finding the coffee shop you can reach us at 416-616-2920.

Yes! Simply add the address you want it delivered in the shipping details. Make sure the billing information matches your payment information as that is how credit cards and other payment providers protect against fraud and they might decline the transaction if they do not match.

Local pick-up cost:
We do not charge any fees to get your order ready for local pick-up.

Toronto local courier delivery:
For orders under $45 there is a flat fee of $11
Orders over $45 have a flat fee of $2.99

Traditional shipping:
Toronto GTA: $9
Eastern Canada:10
Western Canada: $15-$24
We offer free traditional shipping on all orders over $45.

Traditional shipping orders are shipped the next business day. How long it takes for delivery depends on the shipping address you choose.

Orders shipping to Ontario are usually delivered within 1-2 days of shipping.
Orders shipping to Eastern Canada are usually delivered within 1-6 days of shipping.
Orders shipping to Western Canada are usually delivered within 1-3 days of shipping.


Orders shipping to Eastern U.S. are usually delivered within 3-5 days of shipping.
Orders shipping to Central U.S. are usually delivered within 4-6 days of shipping.
Orders shipping to Western U.S. are usually delivered within 4-6 days of shipping.

All orders are shipped the next business day.

Refunds and Returns

All coffee and tea orders are final sale.

Given the care taken at every step of Portfolio’s supply chain, we stand by these coffees. As such, your feedback is vital to our quality control and always very much appreciated. Though we do not offer returns, please connect with us at contact@portfoliocoffee.store If something is amiss with your order. We want to know about it and will do our very best to help.

My Account

Wish to delete your customer account? Please send us a message via the contact form and we will confirm the deletion of your account as soon as possible.

No, you do not necessarily need a customer account to place an order. We understand some websites make account sign-ups a lengthy process, so let us show you why quickly setting up an account with Portfolio coffee can be advantageous:

It's faster with an account: If you log in with your username and password, you can place an order without taking any detours. Your data, such as your delivery address, is already recorded - less typing and fewer typing errors.

Access your order history: You always have an overview of your current and past purchases placed while logged in for your own records.

Subscription management: You can change or cancel your subscription at any time in your customer account. Learn more about our coffee subscriptions.


You can place an order with us using all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diner's Club, and Amex), via PayPal, ShopPay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.


We pride ourselves on working fast to get your coffee roasted, packed, and shipped lightning fast. That means if you need to cancel or change your order we ask you to do so soon after placing your order so that we can still consider your cancellation request.

The best way to modify or cancel your order is by calling us at 416-616-2920 from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time (Toronto). You can also email us through the contact form.


There are many perks of coffee subscriptions, but here are a few advantages at a glance:

Set it and forget it: You set up your coffee subscription just once. Then you can change, pause or cancel it directly in your customer account.

Great coffee: We source our green beans from top farms all over the world and roast them in Toronto right before shipping to your door for peak freshness.

Peace of mind: never run out of coffee again. Subscribe once, set the frequency that best fits your lifestyle, and let us do the work - we'll make sure you always have great, fresh coffee at home.

No. We like to make things easy for you so you can subscribe to a single coffee or tea if that's what meets your needs.

No. We like to keep things easy. Edit, skip or cancel your subscription at any time through your customer account.

We've put together a quick guide to creating a coffee subscription. You can simply navigate to your favourite coffee and when placing your order select "Save and Subscribe" instead of "One-time purchase". Once you create a subscription you can adjust and cancel it in your customer account at any time, as there is no contract duration.

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