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The best coffee subscriptions in Canada

(Re)discover great coffee. Freshly roasted, directly sourced from coffee farms & coffee subscriptions with no strings attached.

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Whole Bean or Grind

Why it matters

Whole beans are the best way to brew the freshest coffee at home. Now if you prefer ground coffee, know that size matters. Let our experts grind it specifically for your brewing method of choice so you can enjoy your coffee to the fullest.

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How do you usually make coffee at home?

Why it matters

Certain coffee-making methods are especially good for certain coffees. We start with this question to make sure the coffee we recommend will taste great with your current coffee routine.

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How much coffee do you want?

Choose the perfect bag size for you.

We recommend you enjoy your coffee within 30 days of the roast date for peak freshness. While 12oz bags are ideal for most people, if you're buying coffee for more than 6 people consider the 5lbs bags.

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