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Is Coffee Good For Weight Loss? Everything You Need To Know

Coffee! It’s a popular drink enjoyed by a lot of people all over the world. In fact, over two billion cups of coffee are drank every single day. There are people who drink a cup a day to get their caffeine fix while there are others who drink more because they simply love the taste of a good brew. So you can see how that’ll add up. 

Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if this cuppa can do more than just wake us up and lift our mood? Wouldn’t it be great if coffee and weight loss were synonymous with each other? If you said yes to both those questions, then you’re in the right place. Let’s unpack and figure out if drinking coffee is good for weight loss!

Is Coffee Good For Weight Loss? What’s the Deal?

Chances are you’ve met some folks who swear by drinking coffee while on their diets because they say it helps them lose weight. What reasons could there be for this? What coffee misconceptions could there be?

It’s A Low-Calorie Drink


Yes. Put simply, a cup of coffee has less than 5 calories. But that only applies to a cup of plain, black, brewed coffee. People on their weight loss journey can still enjoy a good brew which might lead a lot of others to think that they can do the same. But it’s not all black (pun intended) and white. 

If you, like most others, enjoy their coffee with a little milk, sugar, or flavouring, then that means your cuppa ends up being filled with a lot more calories than you think. Sure, it’s one cup of indulgence a day, but how many pumps of syrup do you need in order for it to taste good enough for you?

It’s Full Of Antioxidants And Nutrients


That’s true! Coffee is filled with antioxidants a whole bunch of useful nutrients. It is said to offer vitamin B2 (aka riboflavin), vitamin B3 (aka niacin), magnesium, and potassium. That list sounds great, right? Now let’s get into some hard hitting truths.

Antioxidants may help you boost your metabolism, but the precise ones (astaxanthin, catechin, quercetin - to name a few) are not really present in a cuppa. They are STILL great, but don’t be misled into thinking that it’s that simple. B vitamins are also fantastic because they actually help you convert food to fuel. But without any proper use of that fuel (ie some movement or exercise), it won’t really help you lose weight.

It Gives An Energy Boost


Well, again, this is true! Caffeine and coffee go hand in hand. That caffeine that you use to wake you up in the morning and power you through your work commute is exactly the same caffeine that can help you in the gym.

A cup of coffee could be a fantastic pre-workout drink if you made it yourself, from bean to brew. Remember, if we’re talking about losing weight, we want coffee to stay a natural, low-calorie drink. A sachet of instant coffee might seem like a good idea, but that is likely filled with artificial sugars, which we know could lead to a crash.

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Some Brew for Thought

While we’re debunking coffee myths here and there, we’d like to gather and clear up some that we’ve heard, too. First up, is coffee good for weight loss when you’re drinking it later in the day? Potentially not. Losing sleep over nursing a coffee buzz could lead to some weight gain, and that’s not ideal. There are some studies that could suggest poor sleep quality is linked to obesity!


Next up is the coffee trend. Is coffee and lemon good for weight loss? Don’t believe everything you read online! You now know that coffee can’t magically help you lose weight - and adding lemons won’t do that either! No fat-burning properties or waist-slimming qualities… at least not on its own. 

Is Drinking Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

Well, now you know better! You’d agree that this question doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Whether coffee is good for weight loss or not depends on how or when you drink it.

Don’t rely on coffee as your end-all-be-all solution for weight loss. It just can’t do it!

Spilling the Beans on Coffee Burning Calories


As coffee lovers, we'd love for coffee beans to be a fat-burning, miracle drink. Imagine if it could be! But alas, the truth train has rolled right in and delivered some truths we need to swallow. But this won’t deter us from enjoying a good cup of coffee, whether it's through the convenience of wholesale coffee or the delightful variety of a coffee subscription. No way! We also learned about some great positives about coffee here. And occasional indulgence is a part of life. Get a cup with some caramel or get one with your fave milk… experience the world of coffee the way that you want to!

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