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Lemon And Coffee - Can It Help In Weight Loss?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably heard or come across people recommending the lemon and coffee pairing. A bit odd, you might think upon first hearing of it. But the pairing actually works! 

The lemon and coffee blend has a similar reason to why other unlikely combinations seem to taste great (like coffee and soda - it’s a thing!). That’s because there is no universal and singular taste for coffee. Coffee brings different notes, aromas, and flavours. If you’ve got the right beans, you’ll make the right lemon and coffee blend that just tastes delicious and refreshing! If you’re going to open a pack of average, instant coffee and just add some lemon juice in, it won’t give you the same impact in terms of flavour.

If you know your way around a brew, then making a lemon and coffee drink will be easy. If you don’t, you might just have to go through a few bad cups before getting one you like. So, why do people still insist on drinking lemon and coffee even if they’re new to the coffee sphere? Because people have recommended coffee and lemon for weight loss!

Coffee and Lemon Benefits

Coffee and Lemon Benefits

For this one, let’s split these two and go through what the benefits of each are. That way, we can understand why the coffee and lemon for weight loss trend is actually convincing people to try the combination.

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Benefits of Coffee 

benefits of coffee

Well, coffee equates to caffeine! For most folks, they need caffeine to start their day and give them a little boost. It’s no secret that coffee can do that. Plus, if we’re talking about a tall glass of black coffee with no added creamers or sugars, it’s also a low-calorie drink. Since it gives you energy for the cost of so few calories, coffee is said to be great if you’re watching your weight.

Another reason why coffee is often linked with weight loss is that it may help increase metabolism, which is how the body converts the food and drinks we consume to energy. So, yes, you might burn more calories if you have a better metabolic rate - but you do still need to do some activity in the first place. Expecting to lose weight by simply sitting down and reading a book doesn’t really make sense!

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Benefits of Lemons

benefits of lemon

Lemons, like coffee, are full of antioxidants. One might argue that people get more antioxidants in the latter since not a lot of adults eat enough fruits and vegetables! But how would lemons, combined with coffee, help you potentially help you lose weight?

Well, lemons are a natural diuretic. To give you a little refresh, a diuretic helps you get rid of water and salt from the body. That’s why lemons could help you feel less bloated at times.

While we’re on the topic, caffeine is actually a diuretic itself. Keep that in mind - caffeine, not exactly coffee, is the diuretic in this case. So that means decaf coffee won’t offer you the same benefits.

Now that you understand the reasons why lemon and coffee are associated with weight loss fads, let’s get into the bigger question!

Coffee and Lemon For Weight Loss: Will it Work?

Coffee and Lemon For Weight Loss

So does coffee and lemon burn belly fat? Does lemon and coffee help you lose weight? Sad to say, no. There isn’t any study to back this up! Sure, both lemon and coffee individually have some benefits that could help you out when losing weight, but it’s not a guaranteed outcome.

It’s always been said that one singular effort won’t make you lose weight - let us clarify! If you choose to exercise but eat only junk food, you won’t burn fat. If you eat all the right foods but remain sedentary every day, it won’t give you the results you want. You need balance. Eat right and put in a few hours moving and exercising. That’s your ticket to losing a few pounds!

If you’re just drinking lemon and coffee JUST to lose weight, then we have bad news for you. This food trend is just that at the end of the day - a trend. It’s a misleading fad that can put off newcomers in the coffee world. How unfortunate!

Why Should I Drink Lemon and Coffee?

Why Should I Drink Lemon and Coffee

You can have lemon and coffee simply to enjoy it! Like most of life’s many pleasures, you don’t always have to have hard-hitting reasons to enjoy things. 

If you’d like, consider it a cultural journey! Lemon and coffee is somewhat similar to mazagran, which is said to be the original iced coffee. Lemon isn’t as prominent in the final drink and is often added as a garnish, but it’s close enough to what we’re aiming for here.

While lemon and coffee play their roles, Portfolio Coffee offers a range of options to complement your wellness goals. Whether through a revitalizing coffee subscription or the convenience of wholesale coffee, a visit to our inviting online coffee store, each cup signifies a step towards a balanced lifestyle. Embrace the fusion of flavor and well-being, making every sip a mindful choice on your path to wellness.

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