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The Ultimate Guide to Drip Bag Coffee: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s start things off with an easy question. What is drip bag coffee?

Drip bag coffee is a sachet of pre-portioned coffee beans that you simply prop up on top of your mug and pour hot water on. Think of it like instant drip coffee bags since you don’t have to grab your scale, set up your filter, and even turn on your coffee maker to make a cup. Everything’s there in that one convenient bag.

Instant Coffee and Coffee Drip Bags - Are They The Same?

We mentioned “instant” earlier, but we use that a bit loosely there. Drip coffee IS NOT the same as your regular instant coffee. Instant coffee often comes with dehydrated ingredients together with freeze-dried coffee like milk and sugar. Instant coffee also goes through a lot more processing. In contrast, drip bag coffee is usually a sachet that contains ground coffee beans. That’s it. 

What Are The Benefits of Coffee Drip Bags?

benefits of drip bag coffee

The first pro about drip coffee bags is that they are convenient. Our coffee-making process usually looks like this. Get a kettle and boil water, grab a filter, set up the dripper, weigh out the coffee, pour coffee on the filter, pour hot water, and clean up. If you have a drip coffee filter bag, you trim down all those steps to just a few! Skip the filter, skip the dripper, skip weighing coffee on a scale… Just boil and pour!

Think of the time you’ll save! If you’re working a 9 to 5, things can get a little crazy and weeks can mesh together and feel like one long day. We know that not everyone is a morning person and not everyone can muster up straight to make a fresh cup of coffee in the wee hours. So instant drip coffee bags can come in clutch in situations like this.

Next up is that they’re so easy to clean up. After your usual coffee routine, there’s a lot of washing and clearing up to do. With a coffee drip bag, just grab that bag and throw it in the trash. Simple.

One important benefit to mention is that drip bag coffee actually produces a delicious brew compared to instant coffee. If you’re getting caffeine, may as well get a good, quality source instead of settling for less.

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Can I Drink Brew Made From Drip Bag Coffee Straight Away?

Of course! Drip bag coffee makes a cup of black coffee. If you like it that way, go for it and drink away. If you like adding a little milk or sugar, you can as well. Whatever you usually add to your coffee, you can add it to your cup. 

Can I Use Drip Coffee Filter Bags to Make Iced Coffee?

You can! You could use drip bag coffees similar to how you would make your usual iced coffee. Once you’ve finished your drip coffee process, add ice. You may want to add your sugar or honey BEFORE you add ice so that it dissolves a little better in the hot coffee. 

How Many Times Can I Use Drip Bag Coffee?

This is a great question because you’d be surprised how much we get asked this. But the answer is no. Never reuse or store your used coffee drip bags for future use. If you “brew” with that bag again, you’re not getting a full brew. You’re actually just getting coffee water at that point (that’s not as tasty as that sounds).

Think of it this way. Pour-over, French press, Aeropress… You wouldn’t keep brewing your used beans then. Why do it with drip bag coffee now?

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How Long Does Drip Bag Coffee Last?

Another great question worth elaborating on! Drip bag coffee contains ground coffee, which can last for a week or maybe two (depending on how you store them). Remember that it’s NOT instant coffee. That has a pretty long shelf life because, again, it’s more processed. 

To help out their storage life, keep drip coffee bags in airtight containers and store that in a cool and dry place. 

Do Drip Coffee Filter Bags Affect The Taste Of My Brew?

drip bag coffee filter

Of course not. That would be awful! Drip bags are made with thin paper, similar to regular paper filters. Those, like these, will not affect the taste in any way.

Just Brew It.

If you were to ask us what the best invention of the last century was, we’d be tempted to say drip bag coffee. Side note that drip bag coffee was invented in Japan during the 1990s. So…

By exploring drip bag coffee options through coffee wholesale or coffee subscription services, you can access a continuous supply of delightful brews. With the convenience of pre-portioned bags and the ability to tailor your coffee experience, drip bag coffee provides versatility for coffee enthusiasts.

Anyway, do you know where to get drip bag coffee? Here at Portfolio Coffee!

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