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Sipping into the New Year: Coffee Trends to Watch

Are you interested in some coffee trends? We’ll gladly share some with you! 

We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to try New Year coffee trends. Most of them are, as you can expect, all about trying new things. It’s the new year, after all. We won’t dilly-dally any longer. We know you’re itching to know about what the coffee trends we think will make waves this year. Let’s get to it!

Home-Brewed is Good

home brewed coffee

With rising prices all around, we do what we can to save a few bucks. Instead of stopping at our local mermaid-themed coffee shop to get an overpriced latte (you know the one), we opt to make our own at home. You can buy practically everything to make your cup of coffee - from ingredients to equipment. And it’s worth noting that you don’t need a fancy coffee machine to make a decent brew. Basic tools get the job done as easily. Think about it - You can make a batch of cold brew coffee with any large pitcher or container. 

It’s rather easy to get your hands on a quality French press or a pour-over. That can make a few cups of coffee at home for solo campers or families. If you don’t want to shell out for a grinder, don’t worry. You really won’t need one if your favourite coffee supplier (like us) will grind your beans for you. 

When it comes to other ingredients like milk, creamers, syrups, or sweeteners, you can get those from supermarkets or online stores. If you have a regular order that you’re used to ordering from your local barista, you can sometimes ask what they add to make your coffee taste extra good. Once you know, you can get them and make a brew at home!

More Matcha

matcha tea

Some like it, some love it, some don’t… But 2024 is the year for matcha. More and more folks are starting to see why matcha is good. For one thing, it’s less caffeinated than coffee. For those looking for a little boost, maybe matcha can deliver. Next, matcha is a great source of antioxidants, vitamin C, and also fibre. So you can see, one way or another, how this can be the best of both coffee and health worlds. 

What if you simply don’t like matcha as it is? Then, you can add it coffee. With a good supply of matcha and your fave beans, you can make a delicious matcha latte! You’ll find that it blends the right amount of bitterness and earthiness. And both can be balanced out with creamy milk. Matcha coffee lattes are particularly popular around the eastern part of the globe! And speaking of…

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Embracing Tea

embracing tea

2024 can be all about trying new things and exploring the world! You very rarely find a decent coffee shop that doesn’t serve tea. That being said, maybe it’s time to make some delicious tea-based concoctions at home. 

Over in Hong Kong, they have this tasty and (surprisingly) refreshing drink called yuenyeung! Sometimes called coffee milk tea, It’s a blend of coffee, black tea, milk, and sugar. It’s often served in breakfast spots, with a meal. If you can’t trot the globe just yet, you can travel the world through food and drink.

Plant-Based Alternatives

plant based alternatives

Some of us can’t have just black coffee. We need it to be creamer and sometimes even sweeter! Gone are the days when the only options we have are made with dairy or other animal-based ingredients.

Plant-based milk and sweeteners are all the rage - and for good reason! They are far more sustainable to produce and could be healthier for us. Also, having plant-based alternatives ensures that people with certain food restrictions can still have coffee just the way they like it!

Instant Is Incredible

instant coffee

Coffee industry trends have allowed the instant variation to grow throughout the years. The stigma was that all instant coffees taste terrible and, while that’s still true in certain cases, you can certainly find top-quality instant coffees now. It’s instant coffee in the future! You know it has to be good. Look for freeze-dried instant coffees. They taste decent and are usually better in quality, too. Cheap instant coffee tastes as the name suggests…cheap.

And let’s take the word “instant” and switch it up a bit. If you want delicious coffee that you can make in a short amount of time, you coil;d even consider getting pre-portioned drip bag coffee. You can find loads of them nowadays. Sure they’re pricier than your usual sachets of instant coffee, but not by a lot! They’re still very affordable and usually made with better-quality beans.

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New Year, New Coffee

Coffee industry trends come and go but Portfolio Coffeeyour go-to coffee store is here to stay. Whether you’re brewing coffee at home or taking things to the next level, you’ll find something good to pick up here.

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