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What Is Single Origin Coffee - Everything You Need To Know

Let’s start with the most important thing. What does single origin coffee mean and where does it come from? 

Geographically, single origin coffee comes from one location. That could be from one farm or even a country. That’s right - even a blend of coffees grown in multiple farms in a country can be classified as single origin. So the rules on labelling these variants aren’t all that strict. 

Speaking of geography, what countries produce it? Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Philippines, and Mexico are known producers of this type of coffee. 

Is Single Origin Coffee Better?

is single origin coffee taste better

That depends. Like with pretty much everything, everyone has their own preferences. That said, we can’t really flat-out declare that single origin coffee is simply better than the others.

Let’s talk about flavour. This can easily be the reason why you might think single origin coffee is better. This type of coffee usually has a more distinct profile. If you really have unique tastes, they may be right up your alley.

A combination of single origin coffees, also known as blends, is usually more well-rounded. That’s because they’re combined to deliver a taste that more people will likely enjoy. If you like these better than single origin coffees for their balanced taste, that’s okay! 

Is Single Origin Coffee Higher Quality?

single origin coffee quality

All signs point to yes. That also means they have the tendency to be more expensive, though not exceeding more so. 

Single origin coffees can be broken down into a couple of types. And that can be indicative of how high quality they are. They are small-lot coffees and estate coffees.

Let’s start with the latter. Estate coffees are grown on one large farm or a group of farms under one company. You may have heard of a certain coffee shop with a green mermaid mascot. They have multiple farms under them that they combine into one large cooperative, thus they can produce single origin coffee.

Small-lot coffees are also called miro-lot coffees. These could be the best single origin coffee if you’re after quality alone. If you’re also after specialty coffee, this is it. That’s because this kind requires a more specific harvest, growing altitude, or producing farm, among other reasons. 

Instant…Single Origin Coffee?

instant coffee

We’d be remiss if we didn’t go into common instant coffees a little bit. We do understand and appreciate the caffeine boost and convenience they provide but they do tend to taste a little, for lack of a better word, cheap. Remember that cheap will taste cheap. 

This is because, although instant coffee can come from a single origin, the coffee beans themselves require less care and can be grown in large quantities. If you’re curious, a lot of instant coffees are made with Robusta. This makes up roughly 40% to 45% of the global coffee production. So, they are significantly less expensive and this is a great reason why folks opt to make instant coffees out of them. 

The roasting process also plays a huge role in their flavour. The coffee goes through hot water and high pressure to make a substance that is then freeze-dried. You can think of it this way - instant coffee is kind of like pre-brewed coffee. Just add water!

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Can I Brew Single Origin and Coffee Blends the Same Way?

brewing single origin coffee

Yes, of course! If you’ve got yourself a pack of single origin coffee, you need not take extra steps to make a cup. Granted there could be a little time difference in steeping your coffee, but the brew process should remain the same. 

No need to go out and buy new kettles or accessories when you want to make a brew… unless you want to! We’ve certainly been eyeing this beautiful Hario Buono Kettle. We’re only looking for a reason to pull the trigger and make the purchase!

Where To Buy Single Origin Coffee

As the demand for exceptional coffee experiences continues to rise, single-origin coffee stands out as a noteworthy choice for both coffee subscriptions and coffee stores. Its distinct flavors, connection to coffee-growing regions, and the opportunity to support small-scale farmers make it an attractive option for coffee enthusiasts. By embracing single-origin coffee, both consumers and businesses can unlock a world of flavors, deepen their appreciation for the craft, and embark on a delightful journey through the diverse landscapes of coffee-growing regions. Whether you're seeking a unique coffee subscription or aiming to curate a remarkable selection in your coffee store, single-origin coffee is a pathway to elevate the coffee experience for all.

So where to buy single origin coffee? You’re already there! After you’ve read through our blog, head on over to the shop (link to that here) and pick and choose among our selection of single origin coffees. 

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