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Know the 26 Different Types of Coffee drinks

Do you feel lost when you see the different types of coffee drinks at the coffee shop? So many coffee names in so many languages! You really want to try them all, but you do not have a clue what those coffee drinks are.

It does not matter if you are a beginner when it comes to coffee varieties or if you are already an expert in coffee flavor notes, these are the 26 coffee drinks you must know!

Why are there so many types of coffee drinks?

Why are there so many types of coffee drinks

The coffee varieties around the globe are countless, so there are endless coffee flavors you can try. All of that sounds really exciting, right? But sometimes you can get lost within so many coffee names, and you might not fully understand what the differences are.

Coffee drinks are so loved all over the world. It is not strange to find that every country has its preferred way to make them to get the coffee flavors they like. This is why so many types of coffee drinks exist and why the coffee names come in such diverse languages.

1. Espresso

Espresso is probably one of the coffee names you hear the most. It is the simplest yet one of the most delicious coffee drinks, because of its pure and dense taste and heavy body. Due to these features, all of the other types of coffee drinks have shots of Espresso as the basis of their recipes.

Espresso can be made with many varieties of coffee beans, but the most recommended coffee bean to make it, is pure Arabica. In fact, Espresso is the best way to taste the coffee flavor notes of the different types of coffee, as it is a really concentrated coffee drink that has a really intense flavor. Check out this Jamaican Blue Mountain single origin coffee, perfect for a nice Espresso cuppa!

Like many of the most famous coffee drinks, Espresso is an Italian recipe. To make Espresso, you will need to put a finely ground coffee in an espresso machine. The coffee will be tightly tamped in the portafilter, and the high-pressured water will filter through the grounds. A small yet concentrated extract will come out in no time. This is why it is called Espresso, or “express” in English.

But do not worry, even if tons of types of coffee drinks exist, all of them are just variations of the same main ingredients: coffee, water, milk, and in some cases, liquors. If you want to learn the 26 most common coffee drinks, you just need to understand what ratio of these ingredients to use.

2. Doppio or Double Espresso

Doppio means, literally, “double” in Italian. As you can see by its name, Doppio is made by putting two shots of espresso in a cup. It is thought to be the coffee recipe with the highest amount of caffeine among all the types of coffee drinks.

The coffee flavors and the aroma of this drink are so intense that you can satisfy any craving for coffee with just one cup, no doubt. Also, you will love to try all your favorite coffee varieties brewed like a Double Espresso to taste their real coffee flavors.

If you are feeling sleepy before an important event or if you feel that the coffee drinks you prepare are not strong enough to wake you up, the Double Espresso is the answer!

3. Espresso Lungo

You might think at this point that all the coffee names are alike. But this is just for you to realize the importance of espresso for the other types of coffee drinks. We promise there will be just one more espresso type after this one!

Espresso Lungo, or “long espresso” as translated from Italian, is actually different from the other espresso coffee drinks. Espresso Lungo has a thinner body because it uses a higher water ratio for the same quantity of finely ground coffee. You need 1 shot of espresso and 3 parts of water for making an Espresso Lungo.

Compared to the other espresso coffee varieties, the color of the Espresso Lungo is clearer and its coffee flavor profile is slightly more bitter. But do not take Espresso Lungo lightly just for its watery appearance, it is more bitter because it actually has more caffeine content than the other types of coffee.

How can Espresso Lungo have more caffeine if it uses more water? Well, it turns out Espresso Lungo is pulled for a longer period of time, so the caffeine has time to settle down.

4. Espresso Ristretto

Finally, the last of the espresso coffee drinks! You will be very pleased to learn about the Espresso Ristretto, or “restricted espresso” because it is a stronger version than the espresso. It uses the same amount of finely ground coffee, but with half of the water ratio.

The result is a more concentrated coffee drink, with a deep color that resembles dark chocolate. The special feature of the Espresso Ristretto is that instead of being bitter like the other espresso coffee varieties, its coffee flavor’s profile is sweeter.

And why is the Espresso Ristretto sweet if it is more concentrated? As in the case of the Espresso Lungo, it’s all about the time these coffee drinks take to be extracted. The process of the Espresso Ristretto is restricted, and therefore shorter, so the acidity and bitterness of the coffee ground do not affect its coffee flavor as much.

5. Red Eye

Time to start with the English coffee names. The first of the American coffee varieties is a blend of the much-talked espresso with a brewed black coffee. It is as simple as that.

Just add a shot of espresso to your usual drip-brewed cup of coffee and voilà! Now you have a higher caffeine version called Red Eye. Red Eye is probably one of the most popular types of coffee drinks that Americans take to stay awake late at night or to wake up quickly early in the morning.

If you would like to make a good Red Eye that has the expected coffee flavor, add 1 shot of espresso to 6 oz of brewed black coffee.

6. Black Eye

Beware of American coffee drinks like this Black Eye if you are sensitive to caffeine. Black Eye is a double Red Eye, or in other words, it contains 2 shots of espresso and 6 oz of drip-brewed black coffee.

Red Eye and Black Eye might not sound like very rough coffee names, but Black Eye is one of the strongest coffee varieties out there due to its elevated caffeine content.

7. Americano

Probably the most commonly heard coffee name at breakfast time. Americano is, as you can tell by its name, one of the coffee varieties originated by Americans.

There are two legends about how the Americano was invented, and both of them date back to the time of World War II. One of them states that American soldiers wanted to extend the length of their coffee supplies, so they needed to dilute their coffee drinks (normally espresso) in water.

The second version says Americans did not know what type of coffee drink to order in Italy, as they felt the Italian coffee flavors were too strong. So, they made Italian baristas add hot water to their espresso coffee drinks in order to get a milder flavor and be able to drink them.

Regardless, Americano is one of the most popular coffee names out there. Its taste is similar to the coffee flavor of regular black coffee, but it has a higher amount of caffeine as it is espresso based, and not extracted from a drip machine. Prepare a shot of espresso, pour 3 oz of hot water over it, and you can enjoy a great Americano at home.

8. Long Black

Now, let’s go to Australia to learn about the next coffee drink on our list. The Long Black is similar to the Americano, and even if their ways of preparation are different, we can say that a Long Black is similar to a double Americano.

Why a double Americano? Because the Long Black takes two shots of espresso with the same amount of hot water (3 oz). But instead of pouring hot water over the espresso shots, Long Black is made the other way around, by taking hot water and topping it with the espresso shots.

This difference in the preparation of these two coffee varieties makes Long Black a more flavorful and aromatic coffee drink than the Americano. The special way to prepare Long Black also results in a drink that has a lot of “crema”.

What is “crema”? Although “crema” is translated from Italian as “cream”, baristas refer to something else here. Have you noticed that when you are served with a double espresso, it has a thin layer of small bubbles? This foamy layer that has the color of creamy caramel is “crema”.

9. Macchiato


Let’s go back to Italy to learn about one of the most famous coffee names: macchiato. Macchiato is the Italian word for “spotted”, or “stained”, and it is a reference to the spots that are left on the surface of the espresso after you pour a splash of steamed milk over top.

A simple and satisfying espresso based drink, you only need a good shot of espresso and 1 or 2 teaspoons of steamed milk to prepare a nice cup of Macchiato. As this is a coffee drink that contains milk, you could add sweeteners or flavoring syrups to make it taste more like a dessert. It is very important that you top the espresso with steamed milk and not the other way around. 

So, prepare your macchiato and enjoy one of the best types of coffee drinks around if you’re looking for something quick, strong and sweet! 

10. Long Macchiato

You might think that Long Macchiato is just a double Macchiato. Yes, Long Macchiato can be considered a double Macchiato because it is made with double the amount of ingredients, 2 shots of espresso topped with 2 or 4 teaspoons of steamed milk. And some milk foam too.

But Long Macchiato cannot technically be considered a double Macchiato, because the Long Black and Americano are not prepared in the same way.

Long Macchiato is one of the more artistic coffee preparations, and every barista or coffee shop can have its own version. You do not just pour the steamed milk over the two shots of espresso, you’ll need to decide which one, the espresso or the milk, you would like to add first.

So, for example, you may prefer how your Long Macchiato looks when you put the steamed milk at the bottom, pour the espresso shots over it, and then top it off with foam. The important thing is that you enjoy both the coffee flavor of your Long Macchiato and the beautiful composition of its layers of ingredients.

11. Cortado

Time to learn some Spanish coffee names. This coffee drink is beloved in some of the most passionate countries: Spain, Portugal, and South America.

Cortado means “cut” in Spanish, like “cut coffee”. It is, literally, a coffee drink that has a shot of espresso, the intensity of which, is cut down in half with a splash of milk. But unlike the Macchiato recipe, you don’t use steamed milk. To be an authentic Cortado, it must be warm milk.

The espresso and warm milk are used with a 1:1 ratio, so you have the same amount of each one. This characteristic is what makes Cortado so appealing. It is perfectly balanced, and you can enjoy both the fantastic coffee flavor of a nice espresso and the cozy comforting texture of the warm milk.

12. Breve

Breve means “short” or “brief” in both Italian and Spanish. Besides the origins of its name, Breve is an American creation more than the traditional Italian types of coffee drinks.

Breve is one of those coffee varieties you can not get enough of. Its extremely fluffy texture and creamy, rich coffee flavors may remind you of a Latte. In fact, the recipe of Breve is similar to a sophisticated Latte.

The secret ingredient of Breve is half and half. Do you know what this is? Half and half is a blend of milk and cream in equal parts. This rich dairy product is responsible for giving Breve its particular coffee flavor and for making it so fluffy and delicious.

To make Breve properly, pull 1 shot of espresso and pour 3 oz of steamed half and half over it. Add any sweetener in accordance with your preference. For a perfect dessert-like touch, top your Breve with milk foam.

13. Cappuccino

We are sure this is one of the coffee names you have heard the most, no matter the coffee shop you go to. Cappuccino is an Italian delicacy and one of their most loved types of coffee, especially at breakfast time.

What can we say about Cappuccino? It is sweet, it is creamy, it is tasty, it is perfect. The Cappuccino’s coffee flavors are so delightful because the ingredients are perfectly balanced in a straightforward but unfailing recipe. Nothing more, nothing less.

In order to prepare a Cappuccino as a barista, use 2 shots of espresso, 2 oz of steamed milk, and 2 oz of foamed milk. Drizzle cocoa powder, chocolate, or cinnamon over it based on your preferences. Get comfy and enjoy this wonder of a coffee drink.

14. Flat White

Remember the Long Black? Well, Flat White is a close family member as both coffee varieties are native to Australia.

Flat White is a sort of an Australian Cappuccino but with no sweet toppings… or milk foam. So why is Flat White compared to Cappuccino then? Well, it seems that just as Italians are in love with the Cappuccino, Australians can not stop drinking their Flat White.

What makes Flat White so special for its people? It seems that the golden touch is to use lots of steamed milk from the bottom of the pitcher and not from the top as you would when preparing a Cappuccino.

This little trick changes everything. Thanks to that, the coffee flavor of a Flat White remains strong as espresso but with an incomparable creamy mouthfeel due to the high amount of steamed milk. The perfect ratio for a Flat White is 2 shots of espresso per 4 oz of steamed milk.

15. Café Latte

Café Latte coffee

At last! The most mentioned of the coffee names throughout this “types of coffee” blog.

Latte, or Café Latte as we must refer to this eminence in the world of coffee varieties, is the Italian sweet coffee drink per excellence. Maybe you already know what we are talking about, and you know how happy a single cup of this delicacy can make you.

In case you have not experienced the pleasure of a good Café Latte yet, or if you want to learn how to make it at home, take notes. You need 1 shot of espresso (or 2 if you want it with a stronger coffee flavor), 8 to 10 oz of steamed milk, and as much milk foam as you want.

As this is a sweet drink, you can add flavoring syrups to enhance the smooth mouthwatering taste of your Café Latte even more. Try vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate or pumpkin spice. There is no doubt Café Latte is really versatile!

16. Mocha

Are you one of those people who loves chocolate? Then you will fall in love with Mocha, another great Italian invention.

Can’t decide between a coffee or hot chocolate? We know that both hot beverages are great and that this could be a hard decision, but Mocha is here to save your day.

Mocha is maybe one of the most innovative and delicious types of coffee, and it is considered a hybrid between coffee and hot chocolate because of its recipe. You’ll need to mix 1 shot of espresso, 1 oz of your favourite chocolate syrup or chocolate powder, and 1 oz of steamed milk to make a cozy Mocha.

17. Vienna Coffee

In the spirit of dessert-like and chocolatey coffee drinks, Vienna Coffee is one of those coffee names you might not hear of so frequently, but that you will like to have all day long once you try it out.

Think of the sweetest coffee drinks we mentioned before. What do they have in common? Tons of steamed milk and sugar here and there. Would you believe us if we tell you that Vienna Coffee does not have any of these?

It’s true. Vienna Coffee has just one main ingredient besides an espresso shot and that is whipped cream. Lots of whipped cream on the top, at the same ratio as the espresso shots. So, for instance, if you are having two espresso shots, pour 2 oz of whipped cream over them for an ideal result.

And the perfect finishing touch is to drizzle chocolate powder over top. A true coffee delight direct from Austria.

18. Affogato

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this drink might be for you. It seems that the Italians could not decide between having dessert or drinking coffee after their meal, and decided to create the Affogato instead.

A Mocha might be an ideal solution on those days when you’re wanting the taste of both coffee and the sweetness of hot chocolate. The Affogato, which combines coffee with vanilla ice, can satisfy any sweet tooth, especially on a hot day.

Affogato is made with 1 scoop of ice cream (vanilla ice cream) and 1 or 2 shots of espresso. Typically, baristas will serve you a cup with the ice cream and set the espresso aside.

This way, you can choose how much espresso you would like to pour over the ice cream and when you want to do it. Or you can decide to take a good bite of the ice cream first and then sip the espresso after. Either way, Affogato is the ultimate dessert option for your next dinner party!

19. Café au Lait

The first French coffee name we have covered also happens to be the first of these coffee drinks that does not have an espresso shot!

Café au Lait, (literally “coffee with milk” in French) is made using, you guessed it,  a French press. Coffees  extracted with a French press allow all the coffee flavor notes to thrive and 

And one more thing, Café au Lait does not use steamed milk as the great majority of the other types of coffee drinks do. It is a really unique and stylish beverage and is typically prepared with hotter or, even scalded milk.

The perfect ratio for an exquisite Café au Lait? Equal parts of French pressed coffee and scalded milk. So, for example, if you are having 5 oz of French press brewed coffee, you will need to pour 5 oz of scalded milk over it.

 20. Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

Time to cool down! It is a warm day in summertime, and you miss the coffee flavors of the regular types of coffee, but you do not want to have a hot beverage. What to do? Forget all the prior classy coffee drinks and get an Iced Coffee instead.

Are you concerned about Iced Coffee not having great coffee flavors or not giving you the boost of energy you need? It might sound like a watery and left-out-of-the-fridge recipe, but nothing could be further from the truth!

To make Iced Coffee like a champ, mix 2 shots of espresso with 4 oz of milk (or water if you prefer a less creamy texture), and 4 oz of ice. You can fill the ice cubes trays with espresso instead of plain water to get coffee ice cubes that will add more coffee flavor to your cold coffee drink as they melt.

21. Irish Coffee

You know we can not make a list of the best and most popular types of coffee drinks without adding Irish Coffee to it. We love Irish Coffee because of its creamy, sweet, dessert-like, and boozy recipe.

Irish Coffee, as the Café au Lait, is a rebellious coffee variety when it comes to using espresso as the basis of the recipe. To make Irish Coffee, you can use normal black coffee made in a drip machine, with a French press, or whatever way you want.

This is because, in Irish Coffee, the coffee is not the star. The whiskey (preferably an Irish whiskey brand), the sugar added and the absurd amount of whipped cream on top are the true reasons why Irish Coffee is one of the most renowned coffee names.

22. Piccolo

You think we are going to talk about another Italian coffee drink, right? Even if the name is Italian (Piccolo means “little”, or “small”), Piccolo is one of the types of coffee that originated in Australia. However, it was created by European immigrants.

At any rate, Piccolo can become one of your favorite coffee drinks if you are willing to have less caffeine without compromising the coffee flavors. Piccolo is made by putting 1 shot of espresso in a 5 oz cup and topping it up with steamed milk.

23. Gibraltar

Gibraltar does not differ that much from the other espresso and steamed milk types of coffee, and it is not famous because of any special coffee flavor. What makes it different, actually, is the way it is served.

Gibraltar is a relatively new coffee drink that was created in America, more specifically in San Francisco. What led Gibraltar to fame is that its 2 shots of espresso and 3 oz of steamed milk are served in a 4.5 oz Libbey Gibraltar rocks glass. As simple as that.

24. Galão

Now it is time for Portugal to showcase a coffee drink creation: Galão, or “gallon” translated to English. Portugueses are well-known for their sweet tooth pastries, and they needed to make a coffee drink that represents them and that could go well with their desserts.

So to create their signature coffee drink they took 1 shot of espresso, 3 oz of steamed milk, and some sugar, and served it all in a tall glass.

25. Frappuccino

Frappuccino coffee

You should know that Frappuccino is an American trademark brand and that its original name is a portmanteau of Frappe and Cappuccino. Anyhow, this is one of the coffee varieties that are extremely popular nowadays.

If you want to give Frappuccino a try at home, follow these instructions. Make some Iced Coffee as the recipe mentioned before, add a good layer of whipped cream over it, and top it with your favorite flavoring syrup and spices.

26. Nitro Coffee

And speaking about fresh new cold coffee varieties, let’s finish this “types of coffee” guide with the groundbreaking Nitro Coffee. It is an American cold-brewed coffee that is really cool because of the way it is made.

Forget about adding ice cubes or keeping your coffee brew refrigerated for hours to reach a nice cold temperature. This innovative cold-brew coffee uses nitrogen gas to produce cold, creamy, and sweet coffee drinks without using any dairy or sweeteners.

Nitro Coffee requires a lot of water too. Its ratio is 1 part of coffee for every 15 parts of water.

Are these all the existing types of coffee drinks?

Are these all the existing types of coffee drinks

The coffee varieties, coffee flavors, and coffee names around the world are so diverse that it is almost impossible to know exactly how many types of coffee drinks exist. We have named 26 of the most popular coffee drinks, but we are sure the list is endless.

So do not worry about the coffee drinks that you could not see in this guide. Instead, learn the histories, try the recipes and enjoy the coffee flavors of the ones you already know about!

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