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13 Best Coffees in Toronto: One Better Than the Next

Do you love coffee? Do you find yourself buying it at the best coffee stores in Toronto, but really wishing that you could enjoy the best coffees without having to leave your home? Well, this blog post is for you! We are going to share with our readers the 13 best coffees that they can brew right in their own homes. And not only will we give them a list of the best coffees to try, but we'll also include some tips on how to make these best coffees taste even better by brewing them at home; because let's be honest, nothing beats drinking your favourite coffee from your favourite mug while sitting on your couch.

These are coffees you can make at home using your favourite brewing method. We'll cover coffees that are excellent for making espresso, the best coffees for making with a French press, best coffee beans to make in your drip machine or the best coffees at each roasting level.

If pour-over coffee, Chemex, or Aeropress is how you make coffee, then these best coffees will be your best friend. We'll give you a list of the best coffee beans by local coffee roasters that we know and love so much, along with some tips on how to make them taste even better than ever.

#1 Best Dark Roast Coffee

This 100% Colombian dark roast is for those who love coffee with a full-body, rich flavour and smooth finish.

Colombian coffees are renowned for their deep and rich flavour profile. They are known best for their chocolatey, sweet taste that is very smooth on the palate; not to mention they smell like heaven in a bag (if you're into that whole fresh roasted coffee smell).

This dark roast coffee is best for espresso or French press brewing methods too because its strong flavour stands up well to both of these coffees. They also pair well with milk and cream if you're into that whole latte thing.

This single-origin coffee is sourced from the Inga Aponte farm in Colombia and exhibits tasting notes of plum, sweet cane, low acidity, full-body, and a cocoa finish.

#2 Best Medium Roast Coffee

Medium roast coffees are for those who want a blend of strong flavour with more subtle notes. Not too full-bodied as dark roast, not too bright as light roasts, perfectly balanced!

Fazenda Eldorado is the best medium roast coffee if you're looking for a coffee best suited to the espresso brewing method. It is a 100% Brazilian coffee from the famous Alta Mogiana region.

This Fazenda Eldorado is best because it has intense red fruits and chocolate flavour, good acidity and a medium body that pairs well with the creaminess of milk in lattes or cappuccinos. It's also best brewed at home using your favourite drip machine or espresso maker; we find that this coffee produces an excellent cup in any brewing method.

#3 Best Light Roast Coffee

Light roast coffee is best for those who prefer a brighter, more acidic taste. Santa Monica is a single-origin Brazil that has a balanced sweetness, citrus, notes of honey, peanut butter, caramel and brown sugar.

Light roast coffees are often enjoyed brewed using a pour-over coffee maker, but also shine as drip coffee or espresso. This Santa Monica is best for those who prefer a lighter roast that has bright, citrusy notes and a medium body. Try it black or with milk - it won't disappoint!

#4 Best coffee blend

Coffee blends are best for those who love a coffee that is balanced between body and flavour. Different than a single origin, a coffee blend is best suited for those who love variety!

This best-selling Equilibrio blend from Portfolio Coffee Roasters in Toronto, Ontario consists of a medium-roast coffee that is well-balanced, has notes of chocolate, caramel and cashew with a light floral finish.

This coffee blend is best because it's the perfect morning cup to wake you up with flavour while also giving you a boost of caffeine. It mixes Brazilian coffee from the famous Alta Mogiana region and Nicaraguan coffee for a surprisingly fitting balance

#5 Best single-origin coffee

Single-origin coffees are best for those who are looking to taste the best of what a single region has to offer. Fazenda Cachoeira is the top pick because it's an excellent example of Brazilian coffees' bright, citrusy flavour profile.

Located in the Cerrado Mineiro region, this medium roast exhibits tasting notes of chocolate and caramel, clean citrus, medium to low acidity, dense body, and a long aftertaste.

Brazilian coffees are sought after for their deep, chocolatey notes with bright citrus acidity. They are best brewed through drip or pour-over methods and work well in milk too! It also makes a great cup of espresso!

#6 Best espresso beans

Espresso coffee is best for those who are looking to brew an excellent cup of coffee with lots of flavour. Fazenda Sucuri is our pick for the best espresso beans.

This best-selling espresso bean is sourced from Brazil and roasted in Toronto, Ontario. It exhibits tasting notes of dark chocolate, silky, heavy body, low acidity, and long aftertaste. This Brazilian roast has an intense flavour and works well with milk - try steaming some whole milk for a delicious latte

#7 Best drip coffee

Drip coffee is perfect for those who love a full-bodied cup of coffee that they can enjoy any time of the day. La Quebrada is best because it's an excellent example of Nicaraguan coffees' brightness and acidity profile.

Grown in the San Juan Del Rio Coco region, Nicaragua this best-selling coffee is a light roast and exhibits tasting notes of jasmine, a creamy body, medium acidity, and a long nutty almond aftertaste.

#8 Best French press coffee

Nothing beats a French press coffee in the morning. La Rotunda is best because it's one of the best-selling coffees that Portfolio Coffee Roasters has to offer and makes for an excellent cup every time!

La Rotunda is sourced from Nicaragua and roasted in Toronto, Ontario; this best-selling coffee exhibits tasting notes of winey green grape acidity coupled with hints of raisin, deep body and sweet caramel and brown sugar aftertaste.

It also packs a special processing method called the honey process. Pulped natural or honey process is a method in which the fresh coffee cherries are de-pulped, but allowed to dry without washing. Some of the fruit is still there, but not nearly as much as in the natural process. 

#9 Best pour-over coffee

Ethiopia coffees and pour-over coffee are best for those who enjoy a lighter, more fruit-forward cup. Bombe Sidama is best because it's sourced from Ethiopia and roasted in Toronto, Ontario; this best-selling coffee exhibits tasting notes of floral black tea, bright citrus lemon and sweet strawberries.

Named after the region where the Testi Ayla Washing Station is located in Ethiopia. Coffees in Ethiopia are typically traceable to the washing station level, where smallholder farmers deliver their cherry harvest by weight.

#10 Best decaf coffee

If you're looking for great-tasting coffee without the caffeine kick, Swiss water decaf is best. It's best because it's sourced from Colombia and roasted in Toronto, Ontario; this best-selling coffee exhibits tasting notes of chocolate, sweet cream and pecan has a full body and is well balanced.

This coffee uses the Swiss water decaffeination process, which is an innovative, environmentally friendly, 100% chemical-free way of removing caffeine from coffee beans while preserving the best of its taste.

#11 Best travel or camping coffee

Camping trips and hikes are best paired with a great cup of coffee. Limited or no access to coffee-making equipment shouldn't stop you from enjoying the best cup of coffee. We recommend drip bags which are best because they offer convenience and versatility, whether you're on a camping trip, travelling, or at work!

Drip bags are a hassle-free, single-serve coffee maker. All you need is a mug or cup and hot water to brew an excellent cup of specialty coffee on the go and without the clean-up. 

Portfolio coffee roasters offer many types of drip bag coffee. You can choose from a Brazilian or Colombian single-origin, or go with a balanced blend instead!

#12 Best Jamaican blue mountain coffee

Jamaican blue mountain coffee is best for those who love a rich, smooth cup. It's best because it's grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and has been given its own appellation status by the Jamaican government- meaning that it can only be called "Jamaica blue mountain coffee" if it complies with specific local rules.

This best-selling coffee is best known for its exceptional quality and unique taste. The coffee trees are grown in the cool shade of Blue Mountain's rainforest canopy at altitudes averaging about 3000 meters (6600 ft); it exhibits tasting notes of honey, floral, creamy hazelnut.

#13 Best fermented coffee

If you're looking for a coffee that is different than the usual best-selling coffees, why not try Joia Rara? It has a unique dry fermentation process in sealed barrels for 72 hours after the coffee cherries were harvested. After fermentation, they are set for pre-pulping drying on the cement patio.

If you want to brew brilliant coffee that’s bursting with flavour, look no further than the Fazenda Joia Rara fermented Brazilian coffee. Its unique anaerobic fermented process help brings out notes of tropical fruits, citrus, high acidity, clean and juicy body out of this yellow catuai coffee.

Best coffee tasting kit

Can't decide which coffee to try out first? Get your best coffee tasting kit here at Portfolio, where you can experience different types of coffees all in one place!

The coffee tasting kit is the perfect choice for experiencing multiple Portfolio coffees at their peak freshness. Each Coffee tasting sampling gift pack comes with 4 bags of 3.5oz each. You'll get to experience different roasting types: light roast, medium roast, and dark roast giving you a full range of how great coffee can taste.

Best coffee subscription in Canada

No matter what type of coffee you can't go wrong with a Portfolio Coffee subscription in Canada. You'll get to experience all the best coffees from our selections, and best yet they will be delivered right at your doorstep on your schedule!

The best part is that when you start a subscription, you have full control over what coffees, how many bags, and how often you want them delivered. And if you ever decide that one or more of these best coffees isn't for you then feel free to cancel anytime without penalty - there's nothing holding you back from trying out new ones!

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