How to make automatic drip coffee

We use 1:15 coffee to water ratio for Drip coffee. Read as in 1g of ground coffee for every 15 grams (ml) of water. Our recipe makes about 500ml of brewed coffee which is about 17 ounces. 

What you will need to make auto drip coffee

  • Auto Dripper
  • Specialty coffee from a local coffee roaster
  • Digital scale (optional)
  • Grinder (optional)
  • Filtered water

How to brew auto drip coffee

  1. Fold ridge on paper filter and place in basket. Pre-heat and rinse filter with hot water (discard waste water).
  2. Weigh out the desired amount of ground coffee. We recommend 33g if you're brewing 500ml of coffee. Adjust coffee grounds quantity to desired brewed volume keeping the 1:15 ratio.
  3. Add coffee to brew basket and gently shake the coffee bed level; position basket above urn.
  4. Fill the water reservoir with 500ml of filtered or spring water.
  5. Press "Auto" button to begin brew cycle. After the coffee has finished dripping from the basket, turn the brewer off and serve. Brew times range depending on your machine.

Best coffees for drip machine

Fazenda Cachoeira

Notes of chocolate and caramel, clean citrus, medium to low acidity, dense body, and a long aftertaste.

Fazenda Eldorado

Full-bodied, has low-medium acidity, notes of red fruits cherry-like, hints of hazelnut and a long, chocolate aftertaste.

Equilibrio blend

Well-balanced, has notes of chocolate, caramel and cashew with a light floral finish.

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