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Morning Coffee: Unveiling the Best Coffee to Kickstart Your Day

Morning coffee is part of a lot of people’s routine. Believe it or not, there are about 1 billion coffee drinkers worldwide! With a billion folks looking for coffee in the morning, you bet there’s a good number of them on the lookout for the best coffee to get. While we can’t deliver delicious coffee around the world (yet- you never know), we can take care of yours. We have just the beans for you.

And that’s not all. Sure we’ll recommend some tasty brews for you, but we’re also going to regale you why coffee in the morning is a good idea. We know you don’t need further convincing, but it’s fun to know about the added factoids!

Early Morning Coffee Fun Facts

early morning coffee

Since you’re drinking coffee in the morning, it’s worth getting into this first. Is drinking coffee on an empty stomach okay? It is, but with some caveats.

Healthy folks needn’t worry about drinking a cup of black coffee on an empty stomach. It won’t do any harm, really. In rare cases, doing so may cause some digestive troubles - and that may be the cause of caffeine sensitivities. The way to solve this is simple. Just pair your brew with a meal or a snack!

Now to the fun stuff. Morning coffees can actually help move things a bit (if you get what we mean). Coffee actually stimulates colon contractions, which is what makes you want to go number two. Notice how you feel like going to the bathroom at work, just when you’ve had your coffee? That’s the reason why!

Now that we’re done with number two, let’s go to number one! We’ll stop with the potty jokes now. Coffee, particularly the caffeine in it, is a diuretic. If you’ve had your morning coffee, then expect a little more frequent bathroom breaks. That’s all normal.

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Really Good Morning Coffee Recommendations

morning coffee recommendation

We’ll start off with coffee that you’ll be brewing yourself, using tools and techniques that you prefer. All of the coffee we have on this list will be available in your preferred grinds. These early-morning coffee picks are perfect for home baristas who prefer to customise their brew.

Afterwards, we’ll even throw in a couple of drip bag coffee recommendations for the mornings when you just want a good brew without all the fuss. These are a little trickier to dial down since these come pre-portioned. You really have to be mindful of the amount of water you’re pouring in. Otherwise, their convenience just can’t be beat!

Single Origin Coffee

Fazenda Eldorado Single Origin Brazilian Coffee

BESTSELLER Fazenda Eldorado single origin Brazilian coffee

Medium roast

Fazenda Eldorado single origin Brazilian coffee

Cherry + Hazelnut + Chocolate

From $18.50

$16.65 Subscribe and Save

A medium roast with chocolate, hazelnut, and cherry notes. It’s not too acidic, it’s just right in the middle. It is a little strong, so it’s a great brew to start your day with this Brazilian Coffee.

Fazenda Sucuri Carpec Finalist

If you like the fruity flavours, then you’ll love this! This medium-light roast brings together crisp papaya, juicy blackberry, and sweet panela notes.

Bombe Sidama Single Origin Ethiopia Coffee

BESTSELLER Bombe Sidama Single Origin Ethiopia Coffee

Light roast

Bombe Sidama Single Origin Ethiopia Coffee

Creamy Hazelnut + Floral Finish + Honey

From $20.00

$18.00 Subscribe and Save

A specialty single-origin coffee all the way from Ethiopia, this coffee is one of our bestsellers. You get subtle sweetness, similar to honey. You also get creamy hazelnut notes accompanied by a light floral finish.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Single Origin Coffee

A little bit on the pricier side, but definitely worth the purchase - just check out the reviews! Known for being one of the most sought-after coffees around, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is less, if not at all, bitter than others and provides a smooth and wonderful mouthfeel. 

Coffee Blends

Equilibrio Blend Brazilian Nicaraguan Coffee

Medium roast

Equilibrio blend Brazilian Nicaraguan coffee

Cashew + Caramel + Chocolate + Floral Finish

From $18.50

$16.65 Subscribe and Save

A little strong and not too acidic, this blend is a fantastic morning coffee to start your day with. Why? Notes of caramel, chocolate, and cashews… That’s why!

Blue Mountain + Eldorado Jamaican Brazilian coffee blend

The Hannah Montana of the blends, this coffee brings the best of both worlds. Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the best, and this blend brings sweet notes to the table - think molasses and sweet herbs. 

Drip Bag Coffee

Equilibrio Rescue Pack

The Equilibrio blend we mentioned earlier? It’s available in a drip bag. Just tear, anchor, and pour! 

Inga Aponte Rescue Pack

Craving for a dark roast for your morning coffee? This takes care of that! A blend of cocoa, plum, and sugarcane notes just brings this brew together.

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Say Good Morning to Morning Coffee

Elevate your mornings with the quality you deserve, just like your favorite cup of coffee! When it comes to consistently delectable and fragrant beans, look no further than Portfolio Coffee. Whether you're interested in wholesale coffee or a convenient coffee subscription, rest assured that each batch is freshly roasted and promptly delivered to your doorstep for the ultimate coffee experience. 

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