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Unlocking the Benefits of Earl Grey Tea: A Cup of Wellness and Tranquility

Earl Grey tea. You may have heard of it! Often associated with posh tea drinking, Earl Grey tea has been around for years - more than a century, even. The earliest mention of it dates back to 1824. Though it never really mentioned Earl Grey tea by name, it notes bergamot being added to enhance the flavor of the tea

Elaborating more on that flavour, Earl Grey tea is simply Chinese black tea (also referred to as keemun) with bergamot oil. That’s you’ll get notes of citrus and florals from this tea. It often has rich and refreshing flavours as well.

You won’t be alone in thinking that Earl Grey tea is named after an Earl or even after someone actually named Earl. But there is no conclusive evidence to support any of that or any of its origin stories for that matter.

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No one actually knows where Earl Grey tea actually got its name. But the most popular theory would be that it got its name from the British Prime Minister, Charles Grey (The 2nd Earl Grey). He have have encountered tea that has been flavored with bergamot, but no one can definitively say that he was the one who actually discovered it. 

Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Manage Stress and Anxiety

earl grey tea for stress

When talking about the health benefits of Earl Grey tea, no other point comes up more than it being a wonderful, stress-relieving drink. This is true and all, but we can actually say that about tea in general. It isn’t particular to Earl Grey tea alone. 

This is why it may be worth your while to store a few packets of tea inside your office drawer or keep a couple in your bag. If you’re feeling anxious, a hot cup of tea may help you relax.

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Good for Gut Health

This, again, isn’t an exclusive health benefit of Earl Grey tea. Tea in general is said to be great for your gut and could help improve digestion

In the same realm, it may help you with any feelings of bloating. If you’ve had a big meal and feel like you could use a little something to help you get along, brew yourself a hot cup of tea.

Improve Metabolism

earl grey tea for metabolism

While we’re kind of on track, we could talk about how Earl Grey tea benefits weight loss. We’d like to point out that, although people do recommend it for losing a few pounds, it isn’t as simple as drinking it and immediately expecting results. 

Drinking Earl Grey tea for weight loss could still be possible since it is said to help improve your metabolism. It may even lower some cholesterol buildup inside your body as well as assist you in burning calories. But not all that is set in stone - especially if you don’t help it along with a good diet and necessary exercise. 

Overall Hydration and Nutrition

It’s no secret that traditional and natural tea is good for you. Notice how we said natural tea and not those artificially flavoured iced teas full of sugar? Brewing and drinking the right kind of tea actually do your body good. 

Tea is also hydrating! That’s why some folks point out that earl grey tea benefits skin and skin health. When it all boils down to it (pun intended), it’s because the antioxidants in it help keep your body hydrated and your skin looking fresh. That and the fact that Earl Grey tea is also filled with vitamins B1, B2, and E (all great for skin protection and health).

Other Potential Benefits of Drinking Earl Grey Tea

benefits of drinking earl grey tea

Are there any spiritual benefits of Earl Grey tea? Maybe! Look, you won’t really find scientific papers or research to back this up. But we still understand that some people drink tea to help with their overall well-being, mind and body. 

We know from earlier that drinking Earl Grey tea could help with reducing stress and minimizing any anxious feelings. If that helps you find your zen, then we fully support that. Do what makes you feel good!

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Enjoy Earl Grey Tea Your Own Way

Here at Portfolio, we love drinking our Earl Grey tea. But you can also come up with some pretty delicious creations with it!

Genius home cooks and chefs have used Earl Grey tea to flavour their cakes and make other baked goodies with it. Earl Grey tea could also add some wonderful flavours to a savoury stock.

With all that being said, you definitely need to get a good supply of Earl Grey tea to make all that deliciousness happen. That’s where we come in! Having too much Earl Grey tea is no long a problem. And, in our opinion, it never is!

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