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9 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Ginger Tea

There comes a time when we want our food and drinks to do more than just satisfy us. Sometimes, we need them to give us an extra little boost! With tea, particularly lemon ginger tea, that certainly is the case! A lot of folks swear by the benefits of lemon ginger tea. After all, it has been used as a home remedy for years.

Coughs… colds… You may have heard about these benefits already! If you haven’t or would just like to be reminded of what lemon ginger tea benefits are, you’re in luck! We’re here to run through that list!

Great Taste

lemon ginger tea taste great

First and foremost, lemon ginger tea actually tastes great! When you go to your usual cafes, you probably get a coffee or an earl grey tea perhaps… maybe even a peppermint tea. For a tasty little change, why not go for a hot cup of lemon ginger tea instead?

When you’re drinking, the other benefits of lemon ginger tea (we’ll get to more in a second) will follow. Sometimes, a delicious cup of tea is a reward in itself! Think about it. A spicy cup of tea with a little zing? Sounds cosy and absolutely fantastic! And the aroma as well? *chef’s kiss*

Beverage Before Bed

lemon ginger tea before bed

We enjoy having a nice little beverage before bed (we’re calling it our BBB). If we go back to our point earlier, lemon ginger tea is a cosy drink. It can help soothe and calm you before bed especially when you’ve had a particularly busy day. 

A cup of lemon ginger tea before bed may also help you destress. Going through the motions of making a cup of tea and slowly sipping your drink could distract you from your thoughts. Focusing on this task at hand could give you a nice reset. It is the end of the day - give yourself a break!

Managing the Munchies

Now that you’ve had a good night’s sleep, you’re ready to rise and shine! Did you know that drinking lemon and ginger tea benefits your weight loss journey, too? Ginger water has been studied to have an effect on lowering your body’s weight gain. While the study focuses more on ginger water, adding some lemon and tea makes it a more enjoyable drink without adding many calories.

Some also say that ginger may have hunger-suppressing properties. This is, again, great for weight loss since you can control your meals a little bit better - No more mid-meal munching for us!

Nausea Relief

lemon ginger tea helps in nauesa

The lemon and ginger combo has long been used as a natural remedy for nausea and its symptoms. You’ve seen a lot of lozenges, candies, and even vitamins promoting the benefits of ginger and lemon because of this! It’s actually ginger that gives relief. The lemon is usually added to make everything taste better!

For us, nothing beats tea in this case. Like our ancestors before us, we like letting natural ingredients work their magic. No additives or sweeteners - just give us good ‘ol lemon ginger tea benefits!

Support Your Immune System

Vitamin C and immunity have been linked for as long as we (and maybe you) can remember! If you get sick, people often suggest you drink some orange juice or take vitamin C supplements to help you get better. 

Let’s get real and add some maths to this. An adult’s DV of vitamin C is around 90mg. If you add a wedge of lemon to your tea, you’re probably adding 3.7mg of it. While it may not sound like much, every bit adds to your daily intake. You’re likely getting some vitamin C during your other meals! But, at the end of the day, some is always better than none.

Manage Colds and Flu

lemon ginger tea for cold

We think this deserves a little bit more elaboration and notice! Lemon ginger tea's benefits for colds are actually what makes people want to drink it more. And that it may! And it’s not just because of the contents of the tea itself. When you’ve got a stuffy nose and a hot cup of tea, the steam may help open up your nasal cavities.

There isn’t any conclusive study that lemon and ginger tea can stop a cold dead in its tracks. It acts as a herbal tonic and home remedy in most cases. Having a cup will likely provide you with more fluids in the form of a natural beverage. No drinks or colas when you’re sick!

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Reduce Inflammation

While studies aren’t that conclusive, it is still worth mentioning that lemon ginger tea could have some anti-inflammation properties. Some people have recorded that ginger, in particular, has helped reduce symptoms of inflammation. It could even help reduce muscle pain after workouts!

With this, it’s worth noting that not one food can be the end-all-be-all solution for any kind of ailment. We can only do our best to relieve symptoms and help our bodies heal!

Fight Indigestion

lemon ginger help in digestion

We’ve all been there. Food looks good! Our eyes are sometimes bigger than our stomach and this, in turn, gives us a little bit of indigestion. So, thank heavens for lemon ginger tea! In this case, a lot of things are working in your favour. 

First of all, warm water may provide you with temporary relief from acid reflux. The same can be said for lemons. Ginger itself can even go as far as to relieve symptoms of nausea and vomiting during pregnancies. All of these are benefits of lemon ginger tea!

Potential Cancer-Fighting Properties

Gingerols, shogaol, and paradols are ingredients that ginger possesses. It’s these three that have been linked to having cancer-fighting capabilities! It’s said that ginger may be effective against gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, and cholangiocarcinoma!

Now, it’s worth mentioning that studies haven’t mentioned how much ginger is actually needed, let alone how many cups of lemon ginger tea a person needs to consume. Like with everything, too much of something can do more harm than good! So it’s best to play it safe!

Now You Know What Lemon Ginger Tea Benefits Are!

We don’t know about you, but we’re craving a delicious cup of lemon ginger tea now. We’re off to our cupboards and making ourselves one now. Why don’t you do that as well? You’ve got nine great reasons to do so!

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