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9 Kinds Of Tea To Drink For Colds And Flu

Drinking tea for colds and flu has been done for years. Many swear that it can help relieve symptoms that usually come with the flu. Other than that tea does have a lot of other wonderful benefits as well as that wonderful taste we’ve all come to know and love.

Without much ado (or should we say achoo), let’s get into the best tea for cold and flu - we’ve got 9 for you!

Ginger Tea

Ginger lemon honey tea for cold relief just makes sense. Sure, it’s more often to relieve tummy troubles, but it can help with cold symptoms as well. First, let’s get into the ingredients. Ginger is, as we all know, fragrant and punchy. That can help clear up the sinuses and help you breathe a little better.

Next up the honey and lemon. These ingredients help balance out the taste of ginger. Also, that lemon adds that little bit of vitamin C. These, along with ginger, may also help reduce phlegm - especially if you serve your ginger lemon teas hot!

Peppermint Tea

Another fragrant tea is peppermint! With a little cooling effect, peppermint tea acts similarly to how ginger tea would. It’s also a crowd favourite. Who wouldn’t mind a good cup of tea like this if you’re sick?

Peppermint tea for colds can also potentially have throat-soothing properties. All in all, the benefits of drinking peppermint tea seem to be quite similar to ginger tea. So, this would likely fall under a flavour preference. If you’re sick, may as well enjoy your fave tea and just get some rest.

Spicy Chai Tea

While we’re still on the soothing and cooling part of the tea cabinet, let’s talk chai! Chai is said to have catechins, which may act as anti-influenza virus agents. Green tea is actually said to be more abundant in catechins (we’ll get to that later), but chai also has them! 

When studies were made regarding catechins, there may be a possibility that it can help prevent influenza infection but it really depends on the person drinking the brew. Catechins do still provide benefits! Studies are still being conducted, but it still won’t stop us drinking Spicy Chai Tea for colds when we feel like it!

Green Tea

Let’s get into catechins a little bit more since green tea is full of it! They say it has anti-inflammatory properties, which we can guess is why people often say it’s the best tea for cold and flu remediation. 

Remembering what we went over earlier, it could help with flu symptoms. So don’t count it out! To end this on a more positive note, there are some studies that link green tea to having anticancer properties. If that doesn’t make you want to drink green tea, then we don’t know what will!

Matcha Tea

Going to the next green…coloured tea, we’ve got matcha tea. Now we’ve got more goodies in store for matcha. It’s got antioxidants (the highest out of all tea types), polyphenols, and vitamin C! 

When looking for the best tea for a cold and stuffy nose, you may find matcha to fit the bill. It, through the help of vitamin C, can help decrease your cold’s duration as well as its symptoms. Matcha may be a little more pricey than other teas. But we think this traditional Japanese beverage is well worth it with the flavour and the benefits.

Chamomile Tea

When it all boils down (pun intended) to it, one of the best things to do is simply to get a good rest. A lot of people like drinking chamomile tea because it helps them keep calm and relaxed. Also, herbal teas like this have been used as cough remedies. So, it’s one we think is the best tea for colds and flu! 

When it comes to home remedies, none is better than getting a good night’s sleep. With chamomile tea, you can get some more fluids in while feeling more relaxed!

Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass tea isn’t well-known, but it really should be! With slight hints of ginger and citrus notes, it’s a floral tea that also has cooling effects. Lemongrass products are said to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. 

Lemongrass tea has long been recommended for soothing cold, cough, and flu symptoms. Again, it’s another one of those teas that can simply help you get more fluids in while providing as many benefits as it possibly can. 

Earl Grey Tea and English Breakfast Tea

As we near the end of our list of best teas for cold and flu symptoms, we need to talk about a couple of the more familiar teas - Earl Grey Tea and English Breakfast Tea! Yes, we know, they have different notes, flavours, and aromas, but we’ve got a good reason why we put the last two together! And that’s…

…Tea catechins! This antioxidant (we talked about this earlier) possibly has the preventive effects on influenza and the common cold. Simple, straight to the point. Any of these will help you when you’re feeling a little sniffly.

The Best Tea for a Cold and Stuffy Nose?

The best tea for colds, coughs, and flus is just about any good tea you have at home already. Any of them will help you drink more, just with added symptom-fighting benefits. We really think you can’t go wrong if you’re making freshly brewed tea.

If you’re all out of delicious tea, then why not get some at Portfolio Coffee? We DO have tea - quite a few, actually! We’ve even got tea-making accessories that you might even need!

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