4 brewing tips for a better coffee at home

One of the best things about brewing coffee at home is that you’re in full control and can continually experiment or fine-tune your brew to meet your unique taste. On the flip side, being responsible for how your cup of coffee will taste every morning can sometimes feel challenging and you might be tempted to just leave it to the professionals at your local coffee store.

Good news: better coffee at home is within reach and with these simple tips you too can brew coffee like your favourite coffee shop barista - and you don't need special or expensive equipment or a lot of time to do them.

Brewing coffee can be as simple as pressing one button on the drip coffee maker, but there’s a long list of small adjustments you can do regardless of your preferred brewing method to take your coffee from great to really, really great. Knowing these things and having fun experimenting with your coffee ultimately add up to turning you into a confident home barista who’s confident in brewing, tasting, and even buying high-quality coffee. So let’s get to these 4 brewing tips for a better coffee at home.

Play around with measurements

Don’t be afraid to go back to the basics and try your hand at the measurements for your recipe. The coffee to water ratio is a fundamental - and yet, sometimes overlooked element of a great cup of coffee. Try a higher ratio and a lower ratio, sip, and compare. You might see drastic improvements right away.

Experiment with brew time

We mark brew time between the moment that water first touches coffee until it has fully drained from the coffee bed. Each brewing method has its own way of manipulating brew time and you’d be impressed with how much difference a few seconds here and there can make.

Revisit your water temperature

We recommend heating up the water to 92°C - 94°C, or 197°F - 201°F. Some espresso makers let you adjust exactly how hot you want your water to be. If you drink French press, pour-over, or Chemex try different start temperatures or if you don’t have a way of knowing exactly how hot it is, play with rest time after you heat up your water kettle. One easy trick is to boil water and let it sit for around 40 seconds

Find your right grind size

Grind size can be too coarse or too fine and they don’t make for a cup of coffee that is just right. That’s why we offer to grind your coffee beans professionally according to your preferred brewing method. If you have a coffee grinder at home to get the best out of your beans, experiment with your grind settings. A good starting point is the coffee grind size guide.

These 4 quick tips will help you feel confident as you calibrate, make changes, and improve your home barista skills. Now pick your favourite direct-trade, specialty coffee and let’s get brewing!
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