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Coffee Grind Size Guide

Grinding whole beans right before brewing coffee will not only make your home smells delicious, but also bring the freshest taste to your cup. Generally speaking, the complex compounds within your coffee beans are what create your brew’s aroma and flavor. As soon as the beans are grinded, factors such as oxidation, moisture, and CO2 depletion start affecting the coffee freshness.

That’s why you’ll always hear coffee experts recommending whole beans over ground coffee whenever possible. It might sound like coffee snob talk, but it’s really the ideal way of making the best cup.

Now that doesn’t mean it’s the only way of getting a great cup of coffee. Adding equipment such as a burr coffee grinder can be expensive, they take up space, and although you could opt for smaller or manual grinders some people just want to keep their coffee routine as easy and simple as possible.

At Portfolio we believe you can make an excellent cup of coffee at home regardless of where you are in your coffee journey. That’s why we offer whole beans as well as ground coffee. Rest assured that the coffee we grind right before shipping to you will still be much fresher than shelf coffee foun elsewhere.

In case you do have access to a coffee grinder and are wondering how coarse or fine should you grind your coffee for your preferred method, follow the quick guide below for optimal flavour and aroma extraction.

Coffee Grind Sizes And Brewing Methods

Brewing method: Grind size:  Looks like:
Cold brew* Extra coarse Peppercorns
French press Coarse Sea salt
Cafetiere Coarse Sea salt
Plunger pot Coarse Sea salt
Press pot Coarse Sea salt
Automatic coffee makers (Auto drip) Medium Sand
Percolator Medium Sand
Chemex Medium Sand
Refillable K-cup Medium Sand
Single-cup brewers Medium Sand
Cone filter coffeemaker Fine Table salt
Coffee dripper Fine Table salt
Pour over Fine Table salt
AeroPress Fine Table salt
Stovetop espresso Fine Table salt
Moka pot Fine Table salt
Vacuum pot Fine Table salt
Espresso machine Extra fine Flour

Best Coffee Grind Size For Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is a very forgiving method of brewing. You can get great results from anywhere between coarse to medium grind. As a starting point, follow the brewing method you will use for cold brew and adjust according to your personal taste.

For example, if you are making cold brew coffee with a French press, follow the recommendation of coarse grind. If you prefer pour over cold brew, use fine grind as per the table above.

Best Coffee Grind Size For Espresso

Espresso is likely the brewing method that allows you to be as precise as you would want. If you are considering buying an espresso machine we highly recommend you also plan on buying a coffee grinder.

Use a fine grind when brewing with an espresso machine. For this brewing method, you’ll notice right away if your choice of grind is appropriate as it impacts the brewing the most and the end result is more apparent.


As a trusted coffee store specializing in premium beans, Portfolio Coffee offers an exceptional selection of coffee beans for wholesale, subscription, and individual purchases.

Understanding the appropriate grind size is crucial in extracting the desired flavors and aromas from coffee beans. Portfolio Coffee's expertise in Specialty Coffee shines through their meticulous attention to detail in recommending the ideal grind size for various brewing methods. By following their guide, coffee lovers can unlock the full potential of their beans and enjoy a superior coffee experience.

For those in need of coffee wholesale solutions, Portfolio Coffee provides access to top-quality beans, allowing businesses to offer exceptional coffee to their customers. Their commitment to Specialty Coffee ensures that wholesale clients receive beans of the highest caliber.

Additionally, Portfolio Coffee's coffee subscription service offers a convenient way for enthusiasts to explore a variety of Specialty Coffee beans, delivered fresh to their doorstep. With personalized options and a focus on quality, it's an ideal choice for those seeking a curated coffee experience.

By blending the expertise of Portfolio Coffee with the appropriate coffee grind size, enthusiasts can achieve the perfect extraction and savor the full spectrum of flavors in every cup. Whether seeking wholesale beans, a coffee subscription, or individual purchases, Portfolio Coffee remains a trusted destination for Specialty Coffee beans and a wealth of coffee knowledge.

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