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Reasons To Choose Our Coffee Subscription And How To Choose One

Why Get A Coffee Subscription

Coffee subscriptions are all the rage now. You never have to worry about impromptu market runs or coffee-less mornings when you have a monthly coffee subscription. Have you ever had to drive early in the morning just to get a bag of coffee at the supermarket only to realize that you had forgotten your wallet? It’s the worst!

Put simply, a coffee subscription means you get fresh coffee delivered to your doorstep within a pre-set timeframe. That means you never have to worry about forgetting to get some when doing grocery shopping! No hassle, just a few clicks and you’re on your way to a weekly or monthly coffee subscription

In this caffeine-powered economy, you can see why having one in place is essential! 

How Do You Choose A Coffee Subscription For You?

Choose Coffee You Like

Choose Coffee You Like

The most important thing when planning the best coffee subscription for you is to get the coffee you actually enjoy! Don’t just sub to a coffee delivery plan just because it’s easier. 

Coffee is most often enjoyed (or, if you’re like us, desperately needed) in the morning. If that’s the case, you want to start it off with a great cup of coffee and not with a ho-hum brew.

If you get one from Portfolio Coffee, you can get different kinds of single-origin coffee as well as coffee blends. You’re not locked in with the coffee you’ve pre-selected, either. You can change it and customise it as you go! But hey, if you find a coffee that you already like and you want to stick with it, Portfolio Coffee will deliver it! No dips in quality and no old coffee - just great coffee at peak freshness.

You can get single-origin coffee, which a lot of people recommend, or choose a blend. Just because people like one more than the other in no way means that one is lesser than its counterpart. Sometimes, coffee blends just bring flavors and tasting notes that single-origin coffee doesn’t achieve. We don’t judge!

How Much Coffee Do You Need?

How much coffee do you actually drink every day? You can get small bags of coffee grinds or bigger bags of beans if you need more. If you’re the only one drinking coffee in your home, it’s best to only get a small amount. If there are more people in your household that enjoy a cup of coffee, you may want to take that into consideration when getting a coffee subscription - you definitely don’t want to have to fight over a cup - especially in the morning!

Also, think of the waste! If you get juuuuust the right amount of coffee, none of it has to go to the bin when it’s gone a bit off. Remember, your coffee beans will taste best if consumed within 30 days of their roast date! 

Here’s a tip for when you have some coffee left over that you want to finish: share a brew with your neighbors! It’s a friendly gesture worth more than its weight in gold.

Have Your Coffee Ground…Or Not

Coffee Ground

We all have different ways to make our coffee. Some of us rely on the French press, some of us use a Chemex, and there are quite a few that use an Aeropress. A great coffee subscription allows you to choose the grind that suits your needs. You don’t make way for the subscription - the subscription adjusts for you!

What if you prefer getting coffee beans and just grinding them yourself? Well, you can choose a coffee subscription that delivers just that. More veteran home baristas like grinding their beans at home since they can control how much heat the beans come in contact with. Grinding coffee at home means you get the maximum flavor and freshness that your coffee is able to provide. But it comes at a price - and that’s time.

When Do You Want To Get Your Coffee Delivery

Listen, not all of us have the luxury of time. If we have some spare time, the last thing we want to do is run errands. Having a good coffee delivery system means that you get your coffee at your convenience. You get fresh coffee exactly when you want and expect it.

A Portfolio Coffee subscription allows you to get coffee every week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, or even up to 5 weeks. Plus, there’s no commitment - you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time!

You heard that right, you can pause a coffee subscription. Why would you want that? Well, if you’re taking a long road trip or a trip to another country! You don’t necessarily have to cancel your coffee deliveries, you can just postpone them.

A Portfolio Coffee Subscription Delivers Coffee…And More!

A Portfolio Coffee Subscription Delivers Coffee…And More!

Do all the things we’ve mentioned so far sound good? Great? Too good to be true?

Portfolio Coffee’s Coffee Subscription allows you to get great coffee and customize the delivery down to the last detail. All the good things about getting a coffee subscription we mentioned on the list above - Portfolio Coffee can do it!

If you want to get an estimate of what your dream coffee subscription would look like, head on over to the page and check out the Customise Your Subscription section. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to get an estimate of what your coffee subscription would cost. 

Plus, a coffee subscription isn’t limited to you - you can get one for your friends and family! It makes a wonderful gift. It’s perfect for that caffeine boost you need at work, too - just have your coffee delivery sent to your office. All Portfolio Coffee needs is a time and a place and your coffee will be delivered safely and promptly.

The Portfolio Coffee Subscription Edge

Why even get Portfolio Coffee’s monthly coffee subscription (or weekly, that’s up to you)? Well, you’ll get to know everything about the coffee before it even reaches your doorstep.

We pride ourselves on the quality and origins of the beans we roast. Here’s a great example of what we mean - click here: Fazenda Eldorado Single Origin Brazilian Coffee.

As you can clearly see from the page, you get an introduction to the coffee, when the best time to enjoy it is, its flavor profile, its ideal water ratio, and even what farm it comes from!

At its core, Portfolio Coffee is a home barista’s best friend. Our coffee subscription gives you the flexibility to find a brew that you like and figure out which brewing process works best for you. You can also get more than just coffee beans or grinds here. You can get accessories as well as premium-quality teas.

Take The Coffee Quiz and Check Out Our Brew Guides

Take The Coffee Quiz and Check Out Our Brew Guides

Because Portfolio Coffee is your team of local roasters, we want you to be comfortable with asking questions and finding out your perfect brew here. No complicated coffee talk or intimidating jargon - just simple, straightforward coffee conversations.

Let’s get you started! You can find the coffee you like by taking the Coffee Quiz. This is a special Portfolio Coffee feature! Once you finish the quiz, you’ll be recommended a direct-trade, specialty coffee that you can get a coffee subscription for.

But what if you already know what kind of beans you like? How do you brew them? Well, again, Portfolio Coffee will teach you how. Check out the brew guides we already have. They go over different kinds of ways you can brew coffee using different kinds of equipment.

Does Portfolio Coffee Deliver Coffee Fresh?

All the time, every single time.

When you check out a coffee subscription, we don’t bag your entire order up immediately and let it sit on a shelf for weeks just waiting to be delivered. Your coffee subscription is roasted fresh in Toronto no more than 5 business days prior to shipping. If you’re really a fresh coffee brewer, you’ll find that having a little delivered more frequently will be better.

Why does freshly roasted coffee matter? The longer your coffee sits, the flatter it will become. Coffee is best enjoyed freshly roasted. That’s why you hear a lot of coffee experts recommending it. In fact, your bags of Portfolio Coffee coffee will have a roast date stamped on them to ensure that you get only the best!

Save More By Getting A Coffee Subscription with Portfolio

Save More By Getting A Coffee Subscription with Portfolio

You save time, you save effort, and you save money when you get a coffee subscription! For every bag of coffee you get with your subscription, you get 10% off. If you find yourself brewing a lot of coffee, it will definitely add up! That’s why you save when you subscribe. It’s a no-brainer for sure!

It’s a 100% customizable coffee subscription that’s got nothing to hide. No hidden fees, no disappointing coffee… just a good and reliable service. You also get to take a look at all the details of your subscription before you head to the checkout!

We know how hard you have to work to get your moolah. That’s why we want to give you value from our coffee instead of stress!

What Makes Portfolio’s Coffee Subscription Coffee Great?

What Makes Portfolio’s Coffee Subscription Coffee Great

On the surface, it may look like just a number. Well, it technically is, but there’s so much that this number represents! Portfolio’s coffees are rated 80+ by the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association). This means that all the coffee is ethically-sourced. That also means that the farmers get a good deal for their coffee, human rights are respected, and the environment is unharmed in the farming process.

Coffees with an 80+ rating are at a sweet spot for us. It’s premium coffee that you can get at a reasonable price! It tastes amazing and you can feel great about drinking it. Once you get used to drinking coffee like this, you won’t want to settle for anything else. 

This is one of the reasons why Portfolio has the best coffee subscription. There’s no hiding behind complicated or snobby coffee talk. Everything is laid out here on the website and you can just learn your way to bigger and better brews. There’s no pressure either! Just get the coffee you want and we’ll deliver it to you, no judgment or questions asked. To each their own!

Coffee Subscription Facts Filtered Down

Thank you for taking the time to learn all about our coffee subscriptions. They really are essential, especially if you often find yourself busy. They’re also great if you simply just love coffee. Having a coffee delivery set doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring other brews. It just means you have 100% great-tasting ones at home whenever you want or need them.

Having a weekly or monthly coffee subscription is like grocery shopping on autopilot. You can literally set it and forget it. When your coffee subscription arrives at your doorstep, you’ll thank yourself every time for having the mind-to to get awesome coffee at a set period of time!

Time’s a-wastin' - let’s get brewing! 

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