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Coffee For Hair: How Coffee Can Transform Your Hair

Everyone’s hair is different. Some are fortunate enough to have full, lush locks naturally while there are others who have thinner hair. Some people have fun curly hair while a lot have straight hair. That being said, people have their own way of taking care of their locks. 

Shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, and serums are all well and good, but you can amplify your hair routine with a little homemade TLC. Here’s where coffee comes in. No, we’re not talking about chugging your way to better hair. Though that would be a dream now, wouldn’t it? We have to remember that there is such a thing as too much coffee! 

Coffee For Hair Growth

coffee for hair growth

A daily cup of joe is helpful in more ways than one. For now, it is said to help with hair growth when applied topically. It’s not as straightforward as caffeine making the hairs on our body stand up - no way is that even close! Buuuuuuuut it is actually the caffeine itself that’s said to help with hair growth.

Caffeine or, in this case, coffee is said to encourage hair growth and reduce hair loss. After going through your shampoo and conditioner routine, lather your locks with some brewed coffee (NOT instant coffee) and let that sit for about 5 minutes. After which you’ll want to give your hair a thorough rinse. 

Since we’re talking about remedies here, there is no guarantee that it would work, sad as that may seem. But a hopeful try isn’t going to hurt anyone. And there are some people who swear that using coffee for hair actually works.

How Else Is Coffee Good For Hair?

coffee can make your hair shine

Using the same process as above, a coffee rinse can help make your hair shinier and softer. Some say that this benefit can be attributed to the flavonoids (an antioxidant) found in coffee. It’s also the same flavonoids that can help lessen the frizz in your hair and even help with detangling. 

Speaking of detangling, you can pour some freshly brewed coffee into a spray bottle and give your hair a good spritz. Although it’d be a good idea to let that cool before applying that to your hair!

Use your fingers or, even better, a comb and run that through your hair as you spray. Hopefully, your hair will be as smooth as can be after! For particularly difficult spots, just concentrate a few sprays and gently try running combing through to free up your hair… And don’t be afraid to pat dry using a towel afterward. You won’t want coffee dripping on your clothes. 

Drinking Coffee Benefits For Hair

We’ve mostly talked about applying coffee on your hair and scalp - not necessarily drinking it. Now we’ll jump into that! 

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Coffee is filled with nutrients and wonderful antioxidants. We all know that. But coffee itself is also said to be a stimulant that helps boost blood circulation to your hair follicles. That, in turn, will aid in making your hair grow faster as well as increasing the actual number of follicles in your scalp. Neat, huh? 

Now, again, these aren’t backed up by any hard scientific research…yet. And, in truth, you would likely need to consume an insane number of cups just to see the desired results. That’s just how it is. But if you enjoy coffee already, it never hurts to remain hopeful. 

Will Any Kind Of Coffee Work?

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Like hair, not all coffee is the same. Coffee is good for hair if you get the right kind! If you’re already preparing your morning brew, make a little extra and set that on the side to use for your hair. And don’t get decaf for your hair either. From what we learned earlier, caffeine is actually key to accessing coffee’s benefits for hair.

We won’t recommend using those cheap instant coffee packets. You know the 3-in-1 mixes. We know these are often cheaper and you’d be tempted to try these instead. Coffee for hair is already a homemade remedy, we want to give it the best chance to work and instant coffee isn’t it. Freshly brewed is the way to go. 

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Coffee For Hair Because You Care

It never hurts to try! Whether you're interested in wholesale coffee, high-quality coffee beans, or a coffee subscription, coffee and caffeine for hair may be a good idea if you’re looking to improve your hair health. Support your care products with it to really give it the best chance of working.

Since you’ll be drinking your coffee as well as applying some topically, you may want to get some reaaaaaally good grinds. Half the fun of this new hair care regimen is having a decent cup of coffee to go along with it!

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