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Coffee Benefits For Skin: Unmasking Coffee's Skin Benefits

Coffee is more than just a wake-up drink. It’s also more than a delicious beverage. Coffee is actually loved by a lot of folks for its numerous health benefits.

While there are more than a handful of benefits java is known for, we’re taking this time to put the spotlight on what coffee benefits are for your skin. Seems unlikely, but a good brew can actually liven up your skin - in more ways than one! 

If you’re going to use coffee for face or skin applications, we can’t guarantee results. Though you have the experience of a lot of people and their word working for you. We can’t knock on homemade remedies, you know. 

How to Use Coffee for Face and Skin

how to use coffee on skin

Listen. Going through all that fuss and steps to brew a wonderful cup of coffee only to use it on your face may seem criminal. Thankfully, you can get coffee’s benefits simply from the grounds. While some may require brewed coffee, it really doesn’t need a lot (the max may be a cup or two). You can set a little aside and still enjoy your freshly brewed cuppa.

Skin Redness 

Let’s start off with something lighter. If you notice your skin getting a little red because of the sun, a concoction using cold water and freshly brewed coffee might do the trick. The cold water is mostly there to dilute the coffee and alter the temp of your mixture (you don’t want it scalding for this purpose)

Using a towel and dabbing it on your skin may help reduce any swelling. Seeing as you’re going to use it all over your arms and sun-exposed parts of your body, you may need a cup or two of coffee.

Body Scrubbing

body scrubing

Dull-looking skin may benefit from a good coffee-based scrub. You can certainly get some from your store or make some yourself! To do the latter, you’ll need a half cup each of coffee grounds and sugar (Brown or any granulated kind). Add in a quarter cup of coconut oil and a couple of tablespoons of water and your mixture is ready to use! 

Try making sure all ingredients are incorporated before you scrub all over your body with it. Scrub gently! You don’t want to go overboard with it. Leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes. After which you’ll want to thoroughly rinse that off your skin.

Lastly, some would recommend that you follow it up with some moisturiser or moisturising lotion. 

Face Mask and Scrub

In the same realm, you can take a couple of tablespoons of coffee grounds and mix that with either a tablespoon of aloe vera gel OR olive oil if you want to make a face mask or scrub, respectively. 

The steps are pretty much the same in that you apply it all over your face and neck and leave it on for a maximum of 30 minutes. Remember to keep it off your eyes since that will most likely irritate them. And do rinse thoroughly afterwards!

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How Coffee Is Good for Your Skin

how good is coffee for skin

We’ve talked about how coffee applied directly on the skin can be useful. But how about simply drinking it? 

Age Defying Benefits

A healthy you will have healthy skin. Coffee itself has a lot of nutrients that your body needs! That said, drinking coffee may help reduce the likeliness of wrinkling, skin pigmentation, and loss of skin tone. Though all of these come with age, helping prevent it may be an attractive benefit for a lot. 

Anti-Inflammatory Drink

Some reading shows that drinking coffee helps prevent rosacea. This is a skin condition caused by extended sun exposure or even stress. While it’s a skin condition that comes and goes, it could affect your eyes in some cases. Drinking coffee, believe it or not, may help combat rosacea!

Acne and Eczema

Drinking coffee (because of caffeine) will, as we know, help reduce inflammation. Other skin problems caused by inflammation like acne and eczema may be minimised by drinking a healthy amount of coffee. 

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Coffee Benefits For Skin and Face Await!

But hold on just a moment. Before you go gulping your coffee to get the benefits, do take note of the maximum number of cups an average person can have a day - and that’s 4! Any more won’t be any help. It can actually be harmful if you drink too much (no matter how delicious it is).

Get your caffeine fix here at Portfolio Coffee. You can get your grounds or get your coffee beans here! You may need both if you want to try out all of these tips on drinking or applying coffee to your skin!

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