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Honey In Coffee - The Pros And Cons

Coffee often gets paired with a lot of ingredients. You have table sugar, creamer, milk, syrup… you get the idea. Now that you’ve heard the rest… Why not try honey in coffee?

Can I put honey in coffee? Yeah! Honey itself is sweet, so you can swap out regular sugar with it. More importantly, does honey taste good in coffee? Yes! Honey isn’t just sweet. Depending on what kind you get, your honey can have fruity, floral, earthy, nutty, or woody notes. It isn’t as one-dimensional as most people think it to be!

Why Coffee And Honey Is A Sweet Combination

We’re here to talk you up and convince you to use honey instead of sugar to sweeten your brew. We’ve got a lot of great reasons, too! Check out our list below:

Multi-Purpose Sweetener


While, sure, honey in coffee makes it sweeter. That’s not where it ends, though! Honey can sweeten baking recipes or savoury ones. A soy and honey roast or a honey and oat bar? Sounds delightful! Oh and don’t forget that you can use honey instead of syrup when you have your pancakes.

As for other drinks, a homemade iced tea or lemonade with a little honey is refreshing and delicious. You can even use it on your morning smoothie if you find it lacking in sweetness.

Storage Life


You may have come across a few articles or listicles stating that honey has a long shelf life… and that it does! It is said to never go bad or expire as long as it’s all-natural honey. This tip is particularly helpful to know if you don’t have coffee often. Your jar of honey can happily sit in your cupboard until you need it.

If you do keep your natural honey in storage for a long time, you might notice a little discolouration. Even then, it still is safe to eat. The container itself may affect the taste of honey when kept for a long time. For safe and ideal storage, go for honey that’s been packed in glass jars instead of those made with metal or plastic.

Natural Sugar


Honey in coffee is a great way to add sweetness without the need for refined or processed sugars. Yes, it does add to your overall sugar intake, but it’s a better alternative. 

Honey is also said to have a slightly lower glycemic index compared to regular sugar. A lower glycemic index means that it doesn't raise blood sugar levels quickly. That’s all well and good, but (again) it’s worth noting that it still counts as added sugar.

More Flavour


We already mentioned it earlier, but it’s worth repeating! Honey does have more depth than just plain old sugar. Some think the taste of honey contrasts with coffee, but a great way around that is to get brews with similar notes. What do we mean by that?

We mentioned that honey can sometimes have floral notes. Why not get coffee with a floral finish so that the flavours blend well? Actually, some coffee beans already come with hints of honey and we think that’ll taste great, too!

A Little Bit More Beneficial Than Sugar


There are some studies saying that honey has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antimetastatic properties. After all, it has long been used as a remedy for throat infections, hiccups, fatigue, dizziness, and constipation.

When talking about calories, honey does have more than sugar. A tablespoon of honey has 64 calories. Sugar has 49. The difference is that honey generally tastes sweeter than sugar, so you can get away with using less to sweeten your cup of coffee.

Is There a Downside to Honey in Coffee?


If you love drinking iced coffee, then here’s where it can get difficult. Honey doesn’t dissolve well in cold water. If you’ve made yourself a batch of cold brew coffee and it’s at room temp, you have a good shot at mixing your honey in coffee. If you’ve made yourself fresh, hot coffee, it’s best to add honey then before pouring that brew over ice. It’s all about timing and temperatures!

Apart from the calories and taste-affecting properties of honey, we think that there really isn’t a solid downside. It all really depends on the person enjoying the cup of coffee.

So Can I Put Honey in Coffee?

Honey in coffee can be a delightful addition to your daily brew. It offers a natural sweetness that enhances the flavor profile of your coffee, creating a unique and enjoyable taste experience. With its potential health benefits, such as antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, honey brings an extra layer of goodness to your cup of joe.

However, it's important to consider both the pros and cons before incorporating honey into your coffee routine. While honey can elevate the taste, some coffee purists may prefer the pure flavor of their beans. Additionally, the cost of honey compared to other sweeteners may impact those on a budget. Despite these considerations, if you're looking to explore honey-infused coffee, there are options available. Wholesale coffee suppliers and coffee subscription services offer convenient avenues to discover new flavors and experiment with honey and other additives. Alternatively, visiting a specialized coffee store can provide expert guidance on selecting the right coffee beans that harmonize with the sweetness of honey, ensuring a truly enjoyable coffee experience. So, if you're up for a flavor adventure, why not give honey in coffee a try and elevate your daily brew to new heights?

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