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Brazilian coffee beans wholesale

Finding a supplier for Brazilian coffee beans wholesale in the United States or Canada can be hard. Although Brazil produces and exports over a third of all the coffee in the world, making sure you have a local partner that is reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable is key for a successful business.

At Portfolio, we take pride in sourcing green coffee beans directly from the best specialty coffee farms in Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, and more. Working the entire supply chain from farm to cup allows us to offer wholesale clients advantages and guarantees that can be hard to find in the market.

Our ever-expanding selection of Brazilian coffee brings the best harvests from a variety of coffee types, roasted from light to dark roast to suit all of your client's preferences. Find wholesale coffee from renowned regions in Brazil such as Alta Mogiana and Cerrado Mineiro, both known for constantly producing excellent coffee harvests year in, year out.

Get in touch with our team through our wholesale coffee contact form and we’ll be happy to help you find the best Brazilian coffee for your business.

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Where to find Brazilian green coffee beans wholesale?

Buying green coffee beans for your business open a world of possibilities. With green beans you can roast the coffee yourself which will both keep it fresher for your clients as well as allow you to get the exact type of roast you want to achieve for a specific flavour profile.

There are green coffee beans importers all over North America. We recommend partnering with a local coffee importer if possible as this would not only keep your shipping costs low, but also help boost your local community economy.

It's important to know that most green coffee sellers have a moderate to high minimum quantity threshold. For example, if you run a small coffee shop it might make sense to find a partner that not only imports green beans but also roast them and even grind if necessary.

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