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Best Teas For Anxiety and Stress - Sip Your Worries Away

Flight cancelled or maybe delayed? Is work getting too stressful this time of the year? Are you maybe just having a bad day in general? Well, those things can obviously make you anxious.

We understand that everyone has their own ways of coping or getting past stress. As a way of doing our part, we can recommend a natural option for you - and that’s by drinking different kinds of teas for anxiety

Drinking teas that help with anxiety isn't a new concept. For years, people have often relied on tea as a natural, stress-relieving drink. Before we get into the science of why they work, let's talk about some reasons why drinking tea for anxiety helps.

Calming Tea For Anxiety: How They Help

Helps You Reset

tea help you to reset

It may not seem like it, but the process of making yourself a cup of tea can help you snap out of that funk. It's like taking a step back when you're just overwhelmed with all that work you're trying to do all at once. In that case, you just won't allow yourself a few minutes to relax.

That's why occupying yourself with another task (think of it as similar to gardening) could stand in for that much-needed break. Having to think of other things relaxes your mind. When you've finished brewing tea and have a cup at hand, you're ready to get back to whatever work is waiting for you. You might just feel a little recharged and ready to take on that due report. Hey, you never know until you try! 

We React to Smells

Ever wondered why some businesses make it a mission to make their lobbies and waiting rooms smell great? It's because it helps people feel at ease and more relaxed! Maybe that's the reason why scented candle sales have spiked in the past few years. People just want to make their homes as tranquil as possible and scents are one way of achieving that zen vibe. In short, drinking tea is like aromatherapy.

As you probably already know from experience, people react positively to good smells. Making certain types of tea will give you a delicious and warm aroma that can mimic that experience. It's good to note that some teas are more aromatic than others. By bringing a cup closer to your nose or simply taking a sip of tea, you can always take in its scent.

It Just Works

Wouldn’t you know it - drinking teas for anxiety just works. There are studies behind this! There is no singular best tea for anxiety, too. Having green tea for anxiety reduction is great because it’s low in caffeine and has actual anti-stress properties. It might not be the most fragrant, but it still is a great option. 

Speaking of fragrant tea, brewing a fresh cup of chamomile tea for anxiety will certainly do the trick! It’s actually one of the most recommended for being the best tea for anxiety. It’s all that we mentioned earlier and it’s also naturally caffeine-free. It’s a wonderful tea to destress with after a long day.

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Best Teas For Anxiety

Chamomile Tea

We mentioned drinking chamomile tea for anxiety earlier and that’s why it makes its way to the list! It’s light and a little sweet, has a floral aroma, and has calming properties. It’s a calming tea for anxiety if we’ve ever seen one.

Green Tea Genmaicha

Another earlier mentioned tea that needs repeating - green tea for anxiety works because it’s light and free from caffeine. It won’t give you jitters like coffee normally would. It also means you can have it as a relaxing drink before bed!

Pumpkin Spice Tea

We’ve gone over a couple of light teas. So how about we talk about something that’s richer and more warming? Most would often overlook pumpkin spice blends when shopping for teas that help with anxiety. But it is a comforting beverage that tastes great!

Peppermint Tea

Aromatherapy meets delicious tea! Peppermint tea is very popular and easy to find. For a step outside of more floral teas, a cup of this tea will be a nice change of pace. Plus it’s another one of the naturally caffeine-free coffees you can find.

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Where Can You Get the Best Teas for Relaxation?

Here at Portfolio! We’ve got the teas mentioned above as well as other varieties and blends. They can be great picks if you want to drink tea for anxiety and stress relief. Or, if you simply like drinking tea, you’ll find something to love from the selection we have here.

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