Where to buy coffee sample packs

If you’re wondering where to buy coffee sample packs you came to the right place. Sampling kits are a great choice for trying out different coffees without having to stock up. There is no better and easier way to cover a lot of tasting ground then a sampling pack which can be enjoyed at once if you are in the mood to analyze and compare coffees, or just looking to brew something different every week or every day.

Some specialty coffee brands offer sampling or tasting kits that are perfect both as a gift or a way to try out news coffees without a strong commitment. Too many coffees to choose from? Start with a sample pack and narrow down your search to your personal favourites before buying bigger bags that will last you a few weeks or months.

Portfolio Adventure kit is the best coffee sample pack because it offers you a full range from light roast, to medium roast and dark roast.


Gift someone a coffee sample kit

It can be tricky to find a gift to someone who is into coffees. What taste profile do they like? What roast type is their favourite? Gift someone a coffee sample kit and you’re sure to give them an experience they will enjoy and cherish.

You can’t go wrong with a tasting kit because they will get to experience different coffee profiles and discover their favourite, or fall in love with all of them! Either way, just trying out multiple coffees without having to stock up is already a great gift.

Host a tasting event with coffee sampling packs

Like wine, beer, cheese, or other food and beverages coffee is a great reason to get together with friends and family. Make it a special event and host a tasting session at home by offering your guests multiple coffees for them to try.

Compare notes, explore the coffee nuances, and learn more about appreciating great coffee in good company.

Improve your coffee skills with a tasting kit

Expanding your coffee knowledge and ability to identify coffee subtleties and overall quality come with a lot of practice. Be ready to drink a lot of coffee until you can start telling the difference between red fruit notes in a specific coffee.

A tasting kit is ideal for challenging your own coffee skills as well as help you improve them. Brew a few coffees at once and be mindful when sipping your cup. What tasting notes can you identify? How is the aftertaste? What about the aromas? Make this experience a moment to enjoy.
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