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Where to buy coffee beans in Toronto

From downtown to midtown, east end to west end people are always asking where to buy coffee beans in Toronto? Luckily, the city is full of amazing options for a great espresso, cappuccino, cortado, iced coffee, or whichever brew method you like most. Not a fan of the coffee shop scene? There are also a great variety of coffee beans to bring home and brew just the way you like it. Here’s how to level up your coffee game at home buying coffee online that is locally roasted in Toronto.

Where to buy good coffee beans in Toronto

Portfolio coffee is a brand from Toronto that is different than any other local coffee shop. The founders combined years of experience in importing, roasting, and cafe management to take control of the whole supply chain. They’re located on Sterling Road in The Junction, near the MOCA museum, Henderson Brewery, and the restaurant Drake Commissary. It’s a thriving neighborhood full of local businesses near Downtown Toronto and easily accessible by public transit, although parking space is plenty.

You might wonder how does working every step of the supply chain make for a better coffee option to you? Well, it all starts with understanding how the coffee industry is organized.

Most coffee shop chains like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and others roast their coffee in central locations that distribute the coffee across countries and regions. Once the coffee is roasted it usually peaks in flavour in between 5 to 7 days. By the time these big brands roast their coffee, send to coffee shops or grocery stores, stock their shelves, and you walk in to buy a bag the coffee is way past its prime.

Another downside of big brands is that their volume is so high single farms in countries like Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, etc. are not enough so accommodate demand so they have to resort to combining coffee from multiple farms and often multiple regions.

Coffee roasters like Portfolio Coffee are able to directly source coffee from top specialty farms in Brazil, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Colombia, and more. Importing green beans to Canada also allows them to roast your coffee no more than 5 business days prior to your purchase, which means you’re always buying the freshest coffee possible.

Buy coffee Toronto


The article highlights the availability of coffee beans through various channels, including coffee wholesale, coffee subscriptions, and coffee stores, emphasizing the rich and diverse options for accessing specialty coffee in the city.

For individuals looking to buy coffee beans in larger quantities or establish business connections, coffee wholesale is an excellent choice. Toronto's coffee scene offers a multitude of wholesale suppliers that provide a wide selection of specialty coffee beans. This avenue allows coffee enthusiasts to explore different origins, including the featured Brazilian coffee beans, and select beans that cater to their specific preferences.

Additionally, the article highlights the significance of visiting coffee stores in Toronto to experience the local coffee culture firsthand. Coffee stores serve as community hubs where customers can engage with passionate baristas, explore different coffee beans, and expand their knowledge of brewing techniques. These stores showcase an array of coffee beans, including specialty options, providing an immersive experience for coffee enthusiasts seeking the best coffee beans in the city.

In summary, the article on Portfolio Coffee's blog serves as an informative resource for coffee enthusiasts in Toronto, offering insights into where to buy coffee beans in the city. Through coffee wholesale, coffee subscriptions, and coffee stores, individuals have numerous options to access premium specialty coffee beans, including the highly regarded Brazilian coffee. By exploring these avenues, coffee enthusiasts can indulge in the world of specialty coffee, discover new flavors, and contribute to the thriving coffee culture of Toronto.

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