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The Ultimate Black Friday Coffee Shopping List: Your Guide to Flavourful Savings

Wondering what coffee deals this week are? Hang tight because we’ve got Black Friday coffee deals that are definitely worth your time.

We know that you’re probably thinking of what to get for yourself - and we don’t blame you! Buuuuuuut you can also use Black Friday week deals to your advantage and grab some coffee items to gift for Christmas or even an upcoming birthday. It’s always nice to save a few bucks. All it takes is a little planning ahead!

Coffee to Perk Up Your Mornings

morning coffee

It’s the reason why you’re here, right? We all love coffee here and we wouldn’t be surprised if you grab more than you intended to! Check out these awesome brews…

Bombe Sidama Single Origin Ethiopia Coffee

Most folks keep coming back because of our Bombe Sidama Single Origin Ethiopia Coffee. Of course, they do! Honey, hazelnuts, and floral notes… This makes a high-quality brew great for drinking daily. Why not get a bag or two for your folks as well? They’d appreciate the lovely gesture when you come over for the holidays. 

Fazenda Eldorado Single Origin Brazilian Coffee

Another one of our bestsellers, Fazenda Eldorado Single Origin Brazilian Coffee is one you should go for if you haven’t already. It has notes of chocolate and hazelnuts with little notes of cherry. Sounds like a lovely brew! Coworkers, friends, neighbours… Consider getting some for them this Christmas! 

Jamaican Blue Mountain Single Origin Coffee

Since it’s a tad pricier, we know you’ve been holding out and keeping yourself from getting the Jamaican Blue Mountain Single Origin Coffee. Well, now’s your chance to get some! Black Friday coffee deals like this don’t come often - make sure to grab this opportunity to taste one of the best there is. If you’re still iffy, check out all those positive reviews. 

Blue Mountain + Eldorado Jamaican Brazilian Coffee Blend

If Blue Mountain still looks pretty steep, how about trying it out as a blend? The Blue Mountain + Eldorado Jamaican Brazilian Coffee Blend is a medium roast that feels like the best of both worlds. 

Swiss Water Decaf Colombian Coffee

We often rush and go for our usual, familiar favourites when perusing Black Friday coffee options. But one must not forget decaf! Having a delicious, reliable decaf like the Swiss Water Decaf Colombian Coffee in your pantry can make evenings even better and won’t keep you up all night. It’s a win-win situation. 

Tea for the Cozy Vibes

tea for cozy vibes

As much as we love coffee, we make sure to never overdo it. So, we bring out our box of tea and drink some to balance out our coffee cravings. Plus, these make wonderful alternatives in the evening. Can’t have those caffeine jitters! 

Peppermint Tea

Wildly popular for good reason, Peppermint Tea is just a lovely brew that you can enjoy any time of day - and we mean any time! It’s tea that’s naturally caffeine-free. Drink it before bed, while reading a good book, or have it for breakfast if you simply want to cut back on caffeine. 

Lemon Ginger Tea

When we’re feeling a bit sick (Winter is fast approaching, after all), we can’t think of anything better than a warm cup of Lemon Ginger Tea. It just clears the airways and soothes the throat in the best way possible. 

Pumpkin Spice Tea

Tea can still have caffeine in it. So if that’s something that interests you, then check out our Pumpkin Spice Tea. It has a base of black tea, which gives it its caffeine. With pumpkin spice everything being all the rage this season, you can bet that it makes its way to the Black Friday week deals we have here at Portfolio Coffee.

More Than Just Coffee or Tea


If you’re looking to get something a little extra, check these out! They also make fantastic presents for the coffee lover in your life. Trust us on this - one can never have too many accessories!

Hario Buono Kettle

Everybody needs a good kettle. It’s not just for making coffee or tea (though it mostly is what we use it for). It’s a practical gift that will happily spend its entire life in a loving home. The Hario Buono Kettle has a 1.2-litre capacity and is more than enough for smaller households.

Timemore French Press

For a classic, traditional brew, you can enlist the help of this Timemore French Press! It looks fabulous and premium. What can we say? It reliably gets the job done every time while looking good doing it. 

Hario Skerton Plus Grinder

While we can grind your beans however you like at Portfolio Coffee, we know there are folks who like to do it themselves. That’s why we have this handy-dandy Hario Skerton Plus Grinder!

Bundles Galore!

coffee bundles

If you’re feeling a little generous towards yourself and your best buddies, you can pick up a steal with these bundles. Bundles mean you save a little more, but you’re still a lot of value. 

Taste of Brazil Coffee Bundle

As the name suggests, you’ll be getting three single-origin coffees in the Taste of Brazil Coffee Bundle. It is a coffee-rich nation and you can bet that this bundle will make coffee lovers of all walks of life jump for joy.

Single Origin Coffee Bundle

If we piqued your interest with our morning coffee recommendations, then maybe consider going the extra mile with the Single Origin Coffee Bundle. You’ll get favourites like the Bombe Sidama Single Origin Ethiopia Coffee, Eldorado Medium Roast Single Origin Brazilian Coffee, and Inga Aponte Dark Roast Single Origin Colombian Coffee in one little package.

Expresso Coffee Bundle

A couple of Brazilian and a Nicaraguan, the Expresso Coffee Bundle makes for some excellent coffee cups. We never sacrifice quality and taste when it comes to coffee. All the beans you find in this bundle will prove that.

Filter Brewing Coffee Bundle

These days, filter brewing is the preferred method in a lot of homes. It’s a zen process and a part of a lot of folks’ mornings. That being said, the Filter Brewing Coffee Bundle features a selection of coffee perfect for /just the method!

Get A Black Friday Coffee Boost

black friday coffee boost

Who doesn’t love free coffee? This Black Friday (From November 24 to 27), we’re practically giving away packets of our Fazenda Sucuri Coffee for free. Just take care of the shipping cost and share some contact info, which you’ll already be doing when ordering, and you’ll get it for absolutely free!

No time like the present to splurge on some delicious coffee and tea. You can do all your shopping at home with Portfolio Coffee. Just stay comfy and we’ll deliver them straight to you!

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