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From the farms of Santa Mônica, coffee cherries are selectively hand-picked by women. They are then sealed into airlock barrels without oxygen and undergo 120hrs anaerobic fermentation with artisan Nucoffee yeast and lime before being naturally dried on raised beds for 20 days and processed. Read More
Light-Medium roast
Sweet Clementines Sparkling Rosé Cacao Nibs


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  • Sort: Single-origin
  • Altitude : 1,090 – 1,280 masl
  • Variety: Catuai 2SL
  • Process: Natural Anerobic Fermented
  • Origin: Brazil Alta Mogiana
  • Coffee Farm: Santa Monica Farm - Alta Mogiana region in Brazil

Peak Freshness

Say goodbye to coffee that has been sitting on a shelf. This coffee is roasted in Toronto no more than 5 business days prior to shipping to your door. We outline your custom roast date on the back of your bag.

Coffee profile

Roast type: Light-Medium roast
Tasting notes: Sweet Clementines, Sparkling Rosé, Cacao Nibs
Origin: Brazil Alta Mogiana
Process: Natural Anerobic Fermented
Variety: Catuai 2SL
Altitude: 1090 – 1280 masl

Coffee to water ratio

If you have access to a coffee scale or a kitchen scale to measure your coffee grounds and water, follow the ratio below for optimal enjoyment. Coffee quantity is measured in grams of ground coffee and water is measured in grams or millilitres.

Method Coffee g : water g/ml
French press
Auto drip
Pour-over 1:16 - 17
Aeropress 1:13
Espresso 1:1.17 - 2.2


If you don't have a precision scale you can use common kitchen utensils such as tablespoons to measure a coffee to water ratio that will result in a great cup of coffee.

Tablespoons range from 4g to 7g. For simplification, we averaged a tablespoon to 5 grams of ground coffee. We are also using an 8oz (240ml) cup as a standard cup of coffee. 

Method Water (1 cup) Coffee grounds
French press
8oz (240ml)
20g or 5 tablespoons
8oz (240ml) 16g or 3 tablespoons
Auto drip
8oz (240ml) 16g or 3 tablespoons
Pour-over 8oz (240ml) 14g to 15g or 3 tablespoons
Aeropress 8oz (240ml) 18g or 3 and a half tablespoons

Customer's favourite brew

This coffee is excellent for all brewing types and our customer's favourites are espresso and filter.

Coffee farm

Cachoeira Farm in the Cerrado Mineiro - Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Never run out of coffee again

We offer coffee subscriptions that are flexible and easy to customize. You choose the quantity and frequency. Pay as you go and cancel at any time.

We roast all of our subscriptions days before they are shipped out because we know freshly roasted coffee always tastes better. You can find the roast date on your coffee bag.

Automatically save 10% on all coffee subscriptions and get free shipping over $30 to anywhere in Canada or the United States.

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