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Enter today for a chance to win a coffee tasting kit with 4 specialty coffees roasted in Toronto
*Participants must reside in Canada or the United States. Entries accepted until November 30th. Draw date: December 1st.

What's the prize

The coffee tasting kit features 4 Portfolios coffee best sellers.

You'll get to experience different roasting types: light roast, medium roast, and dark roast giving you a full range of how great coffee can taste.

The coffees 

Learn more about each coffee included in the tasting kit
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Real reviews

  • "Some of the freshest and tastiest coffee I have had in a while. The flavours are exquisite. The quality of the beans is out of this world."
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  • Seriously the BEST coffee you can purchase for home brewed coffee. I also picked some of the loose leaf teas and they were so lovely.
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Why drink Portfolio Coffee

The Portfolio difference

verified   HIGH-QUALITY
All our coffees are Specialty and rate 80+ on the Specialty COffee Association scale
Coffee starts losing its delicious components the moment it is roasted and the longer it sits on shelves, the flatter it will be. Every bag from our coffee store is roasted in Downtown Toronto and stamped with the roast date so you know you're drinking at peak freshness.
Our coffee roasters taste our selection every week through a process called coffee cupping to make sure the coffee quality and roast level is consistent bag after bag.
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