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Curate The Perfect Gift For A Coffee Lover

When it comes to gifts, you can’t do much better for your coffee addict friend than get them a beautiful coffee-related gift. There are so many gifts for coffee lovers out there. Whether you are a cold-brewer, a french-presser, a moka pot magician or a pour-over obsessive, there are coffee gifts out there for you to fall in love with. 

And the great thing about buying gifts for coffee lovers? These are gifts that just keep on giving. It’s a chance to introduce them to a new blend, a new accessory or a whole new way of brewing. 

So whether you’re buying a beautiful accessory, a lovely new kettle, or some delicious beans, even the most committed coffee addict is always going to have space for another gift.

So without further ado, here are some tips for buying the best gifts for coffee lovers. Along with a list of great products available. 

Portfolio Coffee Digital Gift Card

portfolio coffee digital gift card

Ok so first on the list of gifts for coffee lovers is a stone-cold classic. Can’t quite decide what to choose? This Portfolio Coffee Digital Gift Card is a great option. It allows you to hand responsibility over to your friend, who can take their pick from all that we have to offer at Portfolio. 

You can choose from all our different coffees and accessories along with drip bags and tasting packs. Anything that the coffee lover wants, they can get it using the Portfolio Coffee Digital Gift Card. 

You can select different prices, so this gift can suit any occasion. It really is a great option. 

Coffee Tasting Sampling Gift Pack

coffee tasting kit gift

How about this coffee tasting sampling gift pack? When it comes to gifts for coffee lovers, this is a fantastic spread, a great way of trying all sorts of different coffees in one fell swoop. 

Each of these sample gift packs comes with four bags of coffee, 3.5oz each. That’s between five and seven coffees per bag. 

The sample gift pack will come with a range of different flavours: dark, light and medium roasts. 

You’ll get Fazenda Eldorado, a lovely single-origin from Brazil. An Inga Aponte, a rich dark roast Colombian coffee with a rich sugary taste. You’ll also get a Fazenda Cachoeira, a Brazilian coffee with notes of orange and cocoa. And finally, you’ll get a Fazenda Santa Monica, a light roasted Brazilian coffee with beautifully nuanced notes. 

A great thing about gifts for coffee lovers is that they allow the receiver to taste and sample a whole bunch of different things, allowing them to make an even more informed choice when they come to buy their beans next time around. 

Think of it as a sampling menu to help elevate the palate of coffee addicts. It can even be thought of as a teaching tool, letting you in on all sorts of new insights: what’s the difference between a light and dark roast? What notes can you identify in each cup? How do different brewing techniques affect the taste of your coffee? When you give the gift of a Coffee Tasting Sampling Gift Pack, you really are giving so much. 

Drip Bag Coffee - Fazenda Eldorado Rescue Pack

drip bag coffee

Ok, so here’s a big invention for all the coffee addicts out there. The tea bag has functioned well for a very long time. And with this drip bag coffee, you can give your friend all the convenience of a tea bag but with the delicious specialty coffee that they love so much. 

Each drip bag contains 15g of coffee, so all you’ll need is a mug and some hot water and a perfect brew will be yours. With none of the clean-up necessary. There are three very easy steps: you tear the bag, hook it onto your cup and then pour your hot water over the top. It’s as simple as that. Dispose of the bag after use and enjoy! Think of it as instant coffee, but with all the delicacy and sophistication of real coffee. 

This Fazenda Eldorado Rescue Pack uses a medium roast. It’s full-bodied, with cherry, hazelnut and chocolate notes. We think it certainly deserves to make it on the list of top gifts for coffee lovers. 

Drip Bag Coffee - Equilibrio Rescue Pack

drip bag coffee

This Equilibrio Rescue Pack option is a similarly well-balanced brew for coffee addicts. With notes of dark chocolate and caramel, gifts for coffee lovers have never been so delicious. 

We advise bringing 200ml of water to 95 degrees Celsius. Pour enough water to wet the coffee grounds then wait twenty seconds. Continue to pour the remaining water steadily, in a circular motion avoiding the middle of the grounds. 

This Equilibrio Rescue Pack is a Brazilian medium roast. Medium roast coffee beans, unlike light roast, take on a little taste from the roasting process but lean on the lighter side of a dark roast bean. It’s very much the best of both worlds. 

And there you have it. Easy to make, very easy to drink.

Drip Bag Coffee - Inga Aponte Rescue Pack

drip bag coffee

And then finally we have this Inga Aponte Rescue Pack. This coffee is a dark roast single origin from Colombia. With low acidity and a full body, notes of plum and sugar cane will come through in what can only be described as one of the great coffee gifts. 

This coffee comes from the Inga Aponte region. Descendents of the ancient Incas, the Inga community lives in high altitudes in the shadows of the Galeras volcano. The moist and sunny conditions of the area are perfect for growing coffee and the rich soil gives this Inga Aponte Rescue Pack its depth of flavour. 

When you are drinking a cup of coffee you are therefore tasting a deep history in which culture and nature are intertwined. You are experiencing the years of cultivation, expertise and seasonal transformation in a cup. With all of that history, it’s so important to treat your coffee well and to make your brew with respect. This Drip Bag does just that, while also embracing convenience at the same time. 

A dark roasted bean has been left to roast a little longer than a light or medium roast. The bean is therefore darker and a little more full-bodied. Longer roasting time moderates light flavours and also reduces caffeine levels, so they are often perfect for your afternoon brews. 

Hario Skerton Plus Grinder

Ok, so maybe you want to get your coffee-loving friend something that’s going to last a little longer than a cup of coffee. They say that if you want to feed a person for life, do not give them a fish - teach them how to fish. Well, the same could be said for coffee. If you want to teach somebody how to drink good coffee: don’t give them a cup, give them a grinder. 

This Hario Skerton Plus Grinder is the perfect way of kickstarting a lifetime of coffee love. It’s a beautifully designed hand grinder that feels as good as it will look in your kitchen. You can grind for all sorts of coffee making, but this Hario Skerton Plus Grinder is particularly well suited for french press and pour-over preparations. The coarser blends do best. 

Give your friend the gift of this grinder and they’ll be waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly ground beans, prepared beautifully and rustically in one of the best grinders out there, and, we think, one of the best gifts for coffee lovers out there!

Using a grinder at home is one of the best and most efficient ways of stepping up your home brewing game. It really can transform how your coffee tastes. Grinding your own beans means you can wait until the very last minute to turn the bean into grounds. This preserves their freshness for longer and delivers an even better homebrew. Put an end to buying pre-ground beans, and start your life as a home grinder!

Hario Buono Kettle 1.2L

hario buono kettle

No coffee addict’s home is complete without a kettle like the Hario Buono Kettle. It is perfectly designed for pouring over your favourite coffee grounds. Gifts for coffee lovers don’t get much better than this.

The Hario Buono Kettle has a specially crafted thin spout. This thin spout makes for a perfectly accurate kettle that is particularly well suited to pour over coffee. Say goodbye to the days of sloppily pouring boiling water from your old kitchen kettle all over your grounds and welcome in a new era of precision and delicacy. 

The lightweight, durable mettle makes for a fast boil and the high quality of the design means that this kettle will last for a very long time. Coffee gifts like this will last. 

The handle is also designed for an ultra-comfortable, oh-so-easy-to-use experience. Once you’ve started using a Hario Buono Kettle, it’ll be very hard to go back. 

Oh, and did we mention it just looks incredible? It is sleek and contemporary but with a totally classical feel and shape. This is the kind of kettle you’ll want to keep out in your kitchen even when you aren’t using it. 

Timemore French Press

timemore french press

Looking for a more traditional coffee moment? The French Press is about as classic as it gets. It conjures images of warm European summer mornings, a table laid outside full of breakfast goodies. And right in the middle at center stage: your Timemore French Press. 

This French Press has a unique double filtration system. One embedded in the plunger, the other integrated into the spout. This system delivers a sediment-free, pure coffee that gives you nothing but taste. Be sure to grind your beans on a coarse setting, then kick back and let that coffee steep as you take in the day. 

With heat-resistant glass and a rubber bottom to stop slipping, this product is as well designed as we’ve come to expect from Timemore, who creates beautiful products that perform beautifully too. These are gifts for coffee lovers that look as good as they feel. 

One of the special things about French Press preparation has to do with the contact between your grounds and the water. The water and the coffee stay in contact throughout the drinking experience, meaning that the flavour and complexity of your brew never stop growing. We think French Press coffee makes for a fascinatingly complex drinking experience that changes and evolves over time. 

Hario V60-02 Brown (40 Pack)

hario coffee filters

Want to add a little extra something to that gift? Well, why not throw in some Hario V60-02 Brown coffee filters? It’s such a useful gift for coffee addicts, and no kitchen should be without a big supply of the things. And at $7.50 for a 40-pack, you won’t regret it. 

These beautiful brown coffee filters fit perfectly into the iconic Hario V60-02 and are made sustainably. When using these Hario V60-02 filters be sure to pour a little hot water through the filter before adding your coffee grounds on top. This will cleanse your cup of any residue paper-y taste and will allow the filter to do its work. 

What coffee addicts wouldn’t be thrilled with an extra pack of these to keep in their cupboard? Gifts for coffee lovers should be practical as well as beautiful!

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From specialty coffee blends to coffee accessories like mugs, brewers, and grinders, you can find everything you need to create a thoughtful and unforgettable gift. With a Coffee Subscription from Portfolio Coffee, you can also offer the gift of a delicious coffee experience that keeps on giving.

So why wait? Discover the art of gift-giving with Portfolio Coffee's exceptional offerings. Whether you're looking to surprise a friend, treat yourself, or impress your customers, our wholesale coffee options and coffee subscription services are here to elevate your gifting experience.

So there you have it. Needing inspiration for coffee gifts? It’s all here. And heck, why not do a little self-care and get yourself a gift? You deserve it! With all these beautiful gifts for coffee lovers available out there, you’d be silly not to splash out!

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