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Sipping to Slim: Exploring The Best Teas For Weight Loss

We’ll be honest here. There is no guarantee that tea will immediately help you lose weight. We simply can’t say that! No studies have concluded such a benefit. If there is any chance of it being a direct effect, it could only be by a small margin. 

BUT! Tea may help you out during your weight loss journey. Most of the time, it’s really just about mindful substitutions. After all, diet modifications help you achieve weight loss while exercise helps you sustain it. 

So, why tea? Tea is natural, it’s good for you, and it’s delicious! Those alone are reasons to enjoy it. Opt for a cup of tea instead of your sodas, artificially sweetened teas, or just about any other bad-for-you-beverages. You can even serve your herbal teas iced, with a little honey, and a squeeze of lemon to make them even better!

Tea For Weight Loss

So what’s the best tea for weight loss, you might wonder? We think the answer to that is all up to you - meaning it’s all up to your preference! We’ve written up a short list of some of our favourite teas for weight loss. Choose one, two, three… or maybe all of them! 

Green Tea

green tea

Some swear by drinking Green Tea for weight loss. While there are some studies that might suggest that, the effect is really trivial. As we mentioned a little earlier, there is no end-all-be-all fat burning tea to solve our fat belly woes. Where does that leave us then? 

That leaves us right here, with naturally nutritious Green Tea. Drink it to get some mental alertness and relieve digestive worries. If you’re substituting your sugary drinks with a cup of Green Tea, just go a little lighter on sugars and creamers (if at all). There’s really no harm in drinking tea - not when it’s this good.

Black Tea

black tea

We know, we know… We’ve talked about substitutions so often you’d think we’re coaching a basketball team! If you need a jump start in the morning and are thinking of switching off or replacing coffee for certain days (drink your barista-made coffees on cheat days!), Black Tea is the most ideal. 

Black Tea is known as the most caffeinated tea and is immensely low in calories. Consider this one a frontrunner on the best tea for weight loss rankings. That’s because it could help speed up your metabolism, making losing weight a little bit easier for you. Black Tea blends like Earl Grey Tea are very popular. It won’t be difficult to find.

Lemon Ginger Tea

lemon ginger tea

You may have been recommended turmeric tea for weight loss at some point. While that’s a great idea, turmeric itself would be even better when you add it to tea blends like Lemon Ginger Tea. Turmeric has a very noticeable earthiness. It’s also peppery and rather musky. It’s a very beneficial ingredient, but the taste may be hard for people to like. 

Turmeric tastes even better in Lemon Ginger Tea and it helps ramp up its digestive-helping powers with the help of ginger. This boosted herbal tea for weight loss is only effective because it’s supposed to be good for the digestive system. If you need to lose weight, your digestion needs to be on point.

English Breakfast Tea

english breakfast tea

It may seem unlikely, but English Breakfast Tea can be a great morning drink if you plan on losing weight. Now stick with us here. A lot of folks don’t simply drink coffee plain (aka black). They add sweeteners or sugar and pour on their preferred milk or creamers. It may seem like a small thing but, in the grand scheme of your weight loss journey, that can add a few pounds. 

If straight black coffee doesn’t seem like something you’d enjoy, why not try having a cup of English Breakfast Tea instead? Going on diets doesn’t have to mean that you sacrifice on taste. You can make minor replacements here and there - you’ll thank yourself in the future. 

Matcha Tea

matcha tea

Black coffee or English Breakfast not really your jazz? Don’t worry. We’ve still got one more alternative to recommend. Matcha Tea has a slightly bitter, nutty, and earthy taste. Some would say it’s an acquired taste, and that it is. Once you do (acquire that taste, that is), you’ll crave its uniquely umami flavour.

Brewing Matcha Tea is also its own routine. If you enjoy the nuances and routine of making a custom cup of coffee every morning, making Matcha Tea can be the same. Repeating the same sentiments as earlier, going on diets doesn’t have to mean that you cut off the things that bring you joy - it’s about making mindful substitutions!

Get Best Tea For Weight Loss Right Here

If ever you need to get some tea on the double, get yours at Portfolio Coffee! These are natural and free from unnecessary ingredients. After all, you’re trying to lose weight. Best drink tea that’s good for you…right?

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